Order Fathers Day Cake in Pune, Get 50% OFF

To suit the celebration, Kekmart, your online cake shop has a variety of Happy Fathers Day Cake in Pune and cupcakes so that this special day is not left amiss.

Choose The Best Fathers Day Cake in Pune From Variety Of Delicious Cakes

To suit the celebration, Kekmart, your online cake shop has a variety of Happy Fathers Day cake and cupcakes so that this special day is not left amiss. For all the hard work she does, she deserves the best Father’s Day treats and with Kekmart, you can choose a variety of them coming in six flavors namely Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Strawberry, Black Forest, and Pineapple. You can customize your Fathers Day Cake in Pune as well. We have poster cakes and special Father’s Day photo cakes with us too in order to give a personalized touch to your occasion. Therefore, no matter what Father’s Day cake ideas, know that we would have it exclusively for you. Kekmart also offers eggless cakes for the vegan people.

Wish Happy Fathers Day To Your Dad With A Special Cake From Kekmart

A father is your first friend, your best friend and your forever friend. For all the effort she puts in to make our life easier and better, she deserves the greatest tribute. Not only this, she is a great pillar of strength for the family too. What better way to pay respect to Dad than infusing sweetness in her life with special Father’s Day cake ideas. Say Happy Father’s Day to your Dad with scrumptious Fathers Day Cake in Pune by your most reliable bakery, Kekmart. Download Kekmart app for online father cake delivery.

Fathers Day Cake in Pune Ideas At Kekmart

Cakes By Type Cakes by Flavor Kekmart Specialty
Heart Shaped Cakes Chocolate Cakes Free Shipping
Photo Cakes Fruit Cakes Same Day & Midnight Delivery
Fondant Cakes Butterscotch Cakes 2 Hours Delivery


Send Fathers Day Cake in Pune Online And Make Dadents Magical

So, your Dad lives away from you and you are wishing to make her Father’s Day special? You think of ways of reaching out to her with special gifts for her but you can’t find any. Well, you have a solution. With Kekmart Father’s Day cake delivery, you are sure to please her with the most amazing Father’s Day cakes with delivery within 1 hours. Besides, with an option of midnight Father’s Day cake delivery, you can surprise her in the most special way just when the clock strikes 12.

Trust Kekmart For Quick Father’s Day Cake Delivery

Kekmart not only believes in serving you the best quality but also at the best time. With fast delivery of cakes, Kekmart assures to make every celebration unforgettably beautiful. And you need not rush to the shops to have your perfect expression of love when Kekmart offers you home delivery of cakes that comes along with an ease of free shipping. Now, order Father’s Day cakes from Kekmart and make Dadents beautiful.

The same day cake delivery service offered by Kekmart is one of the best features. The best using this particular feature is that it allows the recipient to receive the cake within the same day itself. This special feature offers within 2 hours delivery. If you have just forgotten to order the Father’s Day cake and remembered it almost at the last Dadent, same day delivery could be a great option.

Another crucial feature offered by Kekmart is the midnight cake delivery service. Sending the midnight cake delivery to your Dad is a very special gesture and this particular service offered by Kekmart allows you to do it.

Father’s Day Cake Delivery Available In Below Cities:

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Gurgaon
  • Ghaziabad
  • Noida
  • Hyderabad
  • +20 more cities

Let’s make Father’s Day special this Saturday, 17th June for your adorable father. You’re ADMIRE, AFFINITY, AND ATTACHED toward your father all the time with great respect and love always.

So, it’s my duty and yours to express that feeling on this Father’s Day, while not just wishing them with words and a post on social media. Let’s wish them a sweet and delightful cake as we wish for your mom with open-heartedness.

Mom is sweet & soft all the time as “ras-malai cake” and our dad are crispy & soft every time as “hammer cake”

As every Cake is different from another in terms of shape, size, structure, and design. But eating cake on occasions is just like having your loved one to yourself every time as your parents are tasty and loving.

Now, your one-stop-shop “KekMart” makes it easier for you to order varieties of cake & gifts from one place.

We deliver the cake as per your need. Get the photo on the cake, best flavor cake, and customize the cake as you want.



All other types of dads don’t even come close to the coolness level of this dad. He has the cool car, the cool jacket, the cool sunglasses. You often say to yourself “I want to be as cool as my dad when I’m older”. But no one can be as cool as your dad. Unfortunately, his suaveness, his edginess, his poise; all make buying him the perfect Father’s Day gift so difficult. How could anything you get to live up to the hype? Remember, this dad is different from all other types of dads. Whatever you get him, whether it’s inherently cool or not, he’ll like it, and he’ll MAKE it cool. a cool dad drives cool cars and wears cool outfits. He’s cool in every way. The cool dad deserves a cool gift like this cake


He filled you with a love of learning from an early age. You made your first bicarbonate of soda volcano erupt aged 2, you were reciting Shakespeare by 4 and on to quantum physics by Primary. He taught you that curiosity was an itch that needed to be scratched and that you had to ask the question ‘why?’ a minimum of 6 times in a row. Only then would you get to the root of the answer and be taking your first step towards tackling the great mysteries of the universe.


Dads are pressured to provide for their families. That’s why many dads work so hard they go into overdrive. The downside is they miss precious moments with their families and kids.


Some dads like to maintain discipline and order in their house. Yes, they can be tough. But they’re just taking their daddy role seriously. Let’s face it: we need some tough love now and then

So which sums up your dad best? Whether he’s one of the above, a glorious mix, or none — All Dads do have two things in common:

  1. Deep, deep down they all love you like nothing else in the universe but often struggle to show it, or show it in their unique way.

2.they appreciate whatever you give them on Father’s Day. They don’t complain so they rarely get a second thought that could lead to a gift beyond the socks or tie.

Next week, we will attempt to match your Dad type to his perfect Father’s Day gift… This is a highly scientific process that doesn’t involve the word socks.

Meanwhile, have a sneak preview of the lineup of unique personalized gifts in our Father’s Day shop.

Though there can be no single day to show your love and gratitude for the ones who brought you into this world & gave you everything you needed from time to time. But celebrating their sacrifices and care on certain occasions will bring a HUGE SMILE on their faces. While moms always steal the limelight, for obvious reasons, dads are the superheroes that don’t wear capes. So, this Father’s Day, surprise your superhero with a nice gift as per his interest

FAQs Related To Fathers Day Cake in Pune Delivery

Q 1. Can I Get A Personalized Cake For Dad?

Ans. Absolutely! At Kekmart, you can find attractive custom-made desserts of your choice for Dad. Our collection contains photo and poster cakes along with various other picture customizations available for regular cakes.

Q 2. Do You Provide Father’s Day Cake Delivery On A Specific Date And Time?

Ans. Specific time delivery is our specialty here at Kekmart. Our wide variety of desserts and cakes are available for delivery all around the year at the date and time slot of our customer’s choosing. The same service is available for Father’s Day as well! Just pick the date and time slot of delivery and our team will ensure that you receive your dessert on time!

Q 3. Do You Offer Midnight Delivery Of Cakes For Father’s Day?

Ans. Yes, in fact, our midnight doorstep delivery services are available for our customers year-round. For special dessert customizations on occasions like Father’s Day, place your midnight delivery order at least 2 to 3 hours ahead so that we can serve you better while following all personalization requests.

Q 4. Which Cake Is Best For Father’s Day?

Ans. The best type of cake for Father’s Day are customized photo and poster cakes. Other desserts which are popular among our customers are pinata cakes, pull-me-up cakes, photo pulling cakes, etc. Place an order for a dessert that pays tribute to your wonderful father!

Q 5. Which Cake Flavor Is Most Popular For Fathers Day?

Ans. Among all of our best-selling cake flavors, regular flavors like chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, etc. are mostly preferred by our customers on the occasion of Father’s Day. Kekmart would also recommend some newly launched creative cakes with a traditional twist such as Gulkand cakes, Gulaab Jamun cakes, and Rasmalai cakes.

Q 6. What is Fathers Day Price?

Ans. From Kekmart, You will get fathers day cake in 399-499 Rs.

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