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It’s my duty and Yours – Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Cake

Let’s make Father’s Day special this Sunday, 20th June for your adorable father. You’re ADMIRE, AFFINITY, AND ATTACHED toward your father all the time with great respect and love always.

So, it’s my duty and yours to express that feeling on this Father’s Day, while not just wishing them with words and a post on social media. Let’s wish them with sweet and delightful cake as we wish to your mom with open-hearted.

Mom is sweet & soft all the time as “ras-malai cake” and our dad are crispy & soft every time as “hammer cake”

As every Cake is different from another in terms of shape, size, structure, and design. But eating cake on occasions is just like having your loved one to yourself every time as your parent tasty and loving.

Now, your one-stop-shop “KekMart” makes this easier for you to order varieties of cake & gifts from one place.

We deliver the cake as per your need. Get the photo on the cake, best favour cake, and customize the cake as you want.


All other types of dads don’t even come close to the coolness level of this dad. He has the cool car, the cool jacket, the cool sunglasses. You often say to yourself “I want to be as cool as my dad when I’m older”. But no one can be as cool as your dad. Unfortunately, his suaveness, his edginess, his poise; all make buying him the perfect Father’s Day gift so difficult. How could anything you get to live up to the hype? Remember, this dad is different than all other types of dads. Whatever you get him, whether it’s inherently cool or not, he’ll like it, and he’ll MAKE it cool. cool dad drives cool cars and wears cool outfits. He’s cool in every way. The cool dad deserves a cool gift like this cake

He filled you with a love of learning from an early age. You made your first bicarbonate of soda volcano erupt aged 2, you were reciting Shakespeare by 4 and on to quantum physics by Primary. He taught you that curiosity was an itch that needed to be scratched and that you had to ask the question ‘why?’ a minimum of 6 times in a row. Only then would you get to the root of the answer and be taking your first step towards tackling the great mysteries of the universe.
Dads are pressured to provide for their families. That’s why many dads work so hard they go into overdrive. The downside is they miss precious moments with their families and kids.
Some dads like to maintain discipline and order in their house. Yes, they can be tough. But they’re just taking their daddy role seriously. Let’s face it: we need some tough love now and then

So which sums up your dad best? Whether he’s one of the above, a glorious mix, or none — All Dads do have two things in common:

  1. Deep, deep down they all love you like nothing else in the universe but often struggle to show it, or show it in their unique way.

2.they appreciate whatever you give them on Father’s Day. They don’t complain so they rarely get a second thought that could lead to a gift beyond the socks or tie.

Next week, we will attempt to match your Dad type to his perfect Father’s Day gift… This is a highly scientific process that doesn’t involve the word socks.

Meanwhile, have a sneak preview of the lineup of unique personalized gifts in our Father’s Day shop.
Though there can be no single day to show your love and gratitude for the ones who brought you into this world & gave you everything you needed from time to time. But celebrating their sacrifices and care on certain occasions will bring a HUGE SMILE on their faces. While moms always steal the limelight, for obvious reasons, dads are the superheroes that don’t wear capes. So, this Father’s Day, surprise your superhero with a nice gift as per his interest

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