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Best Bakery in Juneau, Ak 😍

Here is the Best Cake bakery in  Juneau, Alaska based on their rating and review on various platforms like google, yelp etc. Comment down your favorite one bakery in Juneau, Alaska.

  • Ale’s bakery (4.8 rating by 18 Users )

Ale's Bakery

Address: 2354 Mendenhall Loop Rd, Juneau, AK 99801, United States

Phone: +1 907-780-2256

Reviews on Google

Trinity Stark

So glad to finally make it into this little gem! We ended up picking out 6 different cupcake flavors to try and all of them exceeded my expectations. The frosting was light and fluffy and best of all not overly sweet. The cupcakes were also fluffy, moist and also not overly sweet. The flavors were perfect and it was nice to have plenty of non chocolate options.

The bakery environment was open and simple. It was very clean and organized. The young man who helped me was polite and communicated clearly and directly.

I can’t wait to try more treats for Ale’s!


Mary Spain

Local Guide

This was a wonderful little discovery here in Juneau. Owned and operated by a family who all have a part in the bakery from Mom to her kids to one of the kids friends. Their cheerful loving vibes are rather apparent when you walk in however it is not until the first bite do they become absolute. Offering a multitude of flavor combinations the cupcakes are exquisite. The fancy decorations they adorn are the cherry on top (pun fully intended.) Cheesecake, pies, gluten free, bagels, cinnamon rolls, muffins and so much more. This is a great place to pop into and it is highly recommended.

  • Breeze In – Valley (4.5 rating by 89 Users)

Breeze In - Valley

Address: 2200 Trout St, Juneau, AK 99801, United States

Phone: +1 907-789-7878

Reviews on Google

Rain Barrett

Local Guide

The only 24 hr store in town. Not the lowest prices, but they are always open and they have a great selection for such a small store. The doughnuts are made fresh daily and they have excellent sandwiches, salads and fresh cut fruit around the clock. They offer hot breakfast and lunch to order and hot soup all day, as well as a variety of hot coffees.

james barrett

Local Guide·

The burrito was enough food to satisfy three hungry adults. The fries were great,albeit a bit salty. However the prices are reasonable, the service is quick, the portions are ample, and served with a smile. Centrally located it has everything you want from a convenience store. P.s. Try the doughnuts–they are excellent!!

Kathe Pollard

Local Guide

Great salads, with chicken breast. Buy your own dressing, it is not great. They are expensive but salad bars are not open yet.

  • BLACK MOON KOVEN (4.7 Rating by 57 users)

Address: 224 Seward St, Juneau, AK 99801, United States

Phone: +1 907-723-6666

Reviews on Google

Marisa Kowalski

My favorite spot in Juneau! Great coffee, fantastic food and the sipping broth warmed my entire soul. The staff is super cool and friendly too! Big fan. Big fan.


Local Guide

Forget the Hangar on the Warf, THIS is the best food in Juneau. The vibes and decor are unique as well. Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. If you have any allergies, this is the place to come. They can cook everything in sesame oil to even accommodate sulfite allergies. This place is not to be missed.

Sydney Gonzalez

Local Guide·

My god, what a gem in Juneau. This cute little witchy breakfast spot has such an eclectic menu it took me nearly 15 minutes just to decide what to order. Of course I hodgepodge my order to be the biscuits and gravy with added potatoes and eggs. Every damn thing on that plate was delicious. The gravy being in a cappuccino cup did so much for me it didn’t even make sense it was just so darn cute. Also the potatoes could keep you safe from any vampire with all that garlic and I loved every second of it. Considering the place is witchy I assume they use black magic on those biscuits cause DAMN. I can’t wait to come back and try more.

  • Brujeria Cookiery


.Address: 204 N Franklin St Suite 2, Juneau, AK 99801, United States

Phone: +1 907-209-0176


Reviews on Google

Michael Lohr

Local Guide

Delicious, decorative cookies customizable to any occasion.

Any office day with cookies is a better office day.

“I will just have 1 cookie… 2 cookies… 3 cookies… oops, the whole plate is gone.”

Vegan options available too!

Sarah Anderson

I messaged at the very last minute from Canada with a bunch of ideas in my head but had no vision….Brujeria Cookery was able to not only create the most beautiful cookies but also accommodate delivering them to a friend as a gift from me! When I saw the final product I was shocked with how gorgeous they had turned out and a little jealous I am so far away from trying them!  Thank you so much!! I cannot wait to come to Alaska and enjoy some gorgeous cookies!

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