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Best 100+ Names That Mean White for Boys and Girls

Names That Mean White for Boys and Girls

When choosing a name for a child, parents often look for a meaningful and unique option that resonates with their hopes, values, or cultural heritage. One intriguing theme that has gained popularity is names that mean “white.” The color white is often associated with purity, innocence, and clarity, making it an appealing choice for many families. In this article, we will delve into a list of names that carry this symbolic meaning, exploring options for both boys and girls.

Names That Mean “White” for Boys:

  1. Finn: This name of Irish origin means “fair” or “white.” It has gained popularity in recent years, exuding a sense of adventure and charm.
  2. Albus: Derived from Latin, Albus means “white” or “bright.” It gained significant recognition through the character Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series.
  3. Blaine: With Gaelic roots, Blaine signifies “thin” or “slender,” representing the pale complexion often associated with fair skin tones.
  4. Whitman: This English surname-turned-given-name is composed of “white” and “man,” making it a direct reference to the color white.
  5. Leif: Although commonly associated with Norse explorer Leif Erikson, this name also translates to “heir” or “descendant” in Old Norse, reflecting a pure lineage.
  6. Arian: This name has Persian origins and means “white,” “pure,” or “silver-like.” It has a strong and sophisticated sound.
  7. Edric: With English and Germanic roots, Edric signifies “wealthy ruler” or “ruler of prosperity.” The name also has associations with fair or light coloring.
  8. Finnian: Derived from the Irish name Fionn, Finnian means “white” or “fair-haired.” It has a timeless appeal and a touch of Celtic charm.
  9. Leander: While Leander is commonly associated with the Greek mythological figure who swam across the Hellespont to visit his lover, it can also be interpreted to mean “white” or “bright” due to its Greek etymology.
  10. Ashwin: This name has Indian origins and means “light” or “white horse.” It is associated with purity, brightness, and the color white.
  11. Blanchard: Derived from the Old French words “blanc” and “hard,” Blanchard can be translated to “white” or “fair.” It carries a distinguished and noble quality.
  12. Ewan: Originating from Gaelic, Ewan means “born of the yew tree” or “youth.” It can also be associated with the concept of purity and whiteness.
  13. Sterling: Although primarily known as a surname, Sterling has become a popular given name. It refers to “little star” in Old English and can also evoke imagery of brightness and purity.
  14. Lucian: Derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning “light,” Lucian represents illumination and brightness. It can also be linked to the concept of whiteness.
  15. Whitaker: Combining the elements “white” and “field,” Whitaker is an English surname-turned-given-name that conveys a connection to the color white.
  16. Casper: Derived from the Persian name “Jaspar,” Casper means “treasurer” or “white one.” It has a mystical and ethereal quality.
  17. Whittaker: This English name combines the elements “white” and “field,” signifying a person associated with a white or pale complexion.
  18. Gwyn: With Welsh origins, Gwyn translates to “white” or “fair.” It is a simple and elegant name that evokes a sense of purity.
  19. Barrett: Derived from the Old English word “bærnet,” which means “bright” or “shining,” Barrett can be associated with whiteness or lightness.
  20. Bálor: This name has Irish origins and means “white-haired” or “white-skinned.” It carries a strong and distinctive sound.
  21. Ailbhe: Pronounced “AL-va,” Ailbhe is an Irish name that means “white” or “bright.” It is often associated with purity and innocence.
  22. Eldon: With English origins, Eldon means “noble friend” or “white-haired elder.” It has a classic and distinguished appeal.
  23. Whitney: Although more commonly used as a feminine name, Whitney can also be given to boys. It means “white island” or “white meadow,” suggesting a connection to the color white.
  24. Finnegan: Derived from the Irish name Finn, Finnegan means “fair” or “white-headed.” It has a lively and spirited feel.
  25. Arvid: This Scandinavian name means “eagle tree” or “eagle wood,” but it can also be associated with the idea of whiteness and purity.
  26. Eldwin: With Old English roots, Eldwin combines the elements “eld,” meaning “old” or “wise,” and “wine,” meaning “friend.” It can be interpreted as “white-haired friend” or “friend with a fair complexion.”
  27. Sven: This Scandinavian name means “youth” or “young warrior.” While its direct meaning does not refer to whiteness, it can be associated with fair or light coloring.
  28. Blanchardus: Derived from the Old French word “blanc,” meaning “white,” Blanchardus is a medieval variant of the name Blanchard. It carries a strong and noble quality.
  29. Guy: This name has various origins, including Old German and Old French. Guy means “guide” or “leader.” It can also be associated with whiteness due to its connection to the color white.
  30. Arwyn: With Welsh roots, Arwyn signifies “white” or “fair.” It is a melodic and lyrical name with a gentle and serene quality.
  31. Alroy: This name has Scottish Gaelic origins and means “red-haired” or “white-skinned.” It carries a unique and distinctive sound.
  32. Leuco: Derived from the Greek word “leukos,” meaning “white” or “bright,” Leuco is a less common but meaningful name choice.
  33. Hadwin: With Germanic origins, Hadwin combines the elements “hadu,” meaning “battle,” and “win,” meaning “friend” or “protector.” It can be interpreted as “friend in a white battle” or “friend with a fair complexion.”
  34. Candidus: Derived from Latin, Candidus means “bright” or “white.” It carries an elegant and refined quality.
  35. Arvan: This name has Armenian origins and means “white” or “pure.” It has a strong and dignified sound.
  36. Dermot – Irish origin, meaning “free from envy” or “free from malice,” often linked to fair or pale coloring
  37. Irving – Scottish origin, meaning “green water” or “white riverbank,” associated with a clear or pale appearance
  38. Llewellyn – Welsh origin, meaning “leader” or “lion-like,” often associated with a fair or white complexion
  39. Sterling – English origin, meaning “little star,” symbolizing brightness and purity
  40. Brynmor – Welsh origin, meaning “great hill” or “white hill,” with associations to a light or pale landscape
  41. Evren – Turkish origin, meaning “cosmos” or “universe,” often linked to a clear or bright existence
  42. Gilbert – Germanic origin, meaning “bright pledge” or “shining hostage,” representing whiteness and purity
  43. Leopold – German origin, meaning “bold people” or “brave ruler,” with connections to fair or pale coloring
  44. Orin – Irish origin, meaning “white” or “fair-haired,” symbolizing a light or pale appearance
  45. Sterling – English origin, associated with the meaning “little star,” representing brightness and purity
  46. Taliesin – Welsh origin, meaning “shining brow” or “radiant forehead,” often linked to a fair or light complexion
  47. Whitfield – English origin, combining “white” and “field,” signifying a person associated with a white or pale complexion
  48. Edel – German origin, meaning “noble” or “precious,” with associations to purity and brightness
  49. Robin – English origin, meaning “bright fame” or “famous brilliance,” representing a fair or light complexion
  50. Wyn – Welsh origin, meaning “fair,” “white,” or “blessed,” often associated with a pale or light appearance

Names That Mean “White” for Girls:

Names That Mean White for Girls

  1. Bianca: Originating from Italian and Spanish, Bianca means “white” or “pure.” It carries an air of elegance and sophistication.
  2. Gwen: This Welsh name, meaning “white” or “fair,” possesses a simple and timeless charm, making it a popular choice among parents.
  3. Fiona: Derived from the Gaelic word for “white” or “fair,” Fiona is widely recognized and appreciated for its beauty and grace.
  4. Alina: Of Slavic origin, Alina signifies “bright” or “beautiful.” It symbolizes purity and innocence, capturing the essence of the color white.
  5. Eira: This Welsh name translates to “snow” or “white” and evokes a sense of purity and tranquility, reminiscent of a winter wonderland.
  6. Bianca – Italian/Spanish origin, meaning “white” or “pure”
  7. Gwen – Welsh origin, meaning “white” or “fair”
  8. Fiona – Gaelic origin, meaning “white” or “fair”
  9. Alina – Slavic origin, meaning “bright” or “beautiful”
  10. Eira – Welsh origin, meaning “snow” or “white”
  11. Pearl – English origin, representing the gemstone associated with purity and brightness
  12. Lily – English origin, representing the white flower symbolizing purity and innocence
  13. Ivory – English origin, referring to the white, valuable material from elephant tusks
  14. Blanca – Spanish origin, meaning “white” or “pure”
  15. Gwyneth – Welsh origin, meaning “white” or “blessed”
  16. Crystal – English origin, symbolizing clarity and purity
  17. Luna – Latin origin, meaning “moon,” often associated with the moon’s pale light
  18. Celeste – Latin origin, meaning “heavenly” or “celestial,” representing a clear, sky-like whiteness
  19. Winona – Native American origin (Sioux), meaning “firstborn daughter” or “white”
  20. Winter – English origin, representing the season associated with snow and a sense of white purity
  21. Daphne – Greek origin, meaning “laurel” or “bay tree,” which can have pale leaves
  22. Esme – French origin, meaning “beloved” or “esteemed,” often associated with a fair complexion
  23. Faye – English origin, meaning “fairy” or “fairy-like,” often linked with ethereal whiteness
  24. Elara – Greek origin, meaning “white, bright, or clear,” associated with a radiant and pure glow
  25. Isla – Scottish origin, meaning “island,” often connected with peaceful, untouched landscapes
  26. Lumi – Finnish origin, meaning “snow” or “light,” representing the white, illuminating quality of snow
  27. Niamh – Irish origin, meaning “bright” or “radiant,” symbolizing a fair and glowing appearance
  28. Orla – Irish origin, meaning “golden princess” or “white shoulder,” associated with a light complexion
  29. Rhiannon – Welsh origin, meaning “divine queen” or “white enchantress”
  30. Selene – Greek origin, meaning “moon,” often associated with the moon’s pale and radiant light
  31. Seraphina – Hebrew origin, meaning “fiery ones” or “angelic,” evoking a sense of celestial brightness
  32. Suri – Hebrew origin, meaning “princess” or “my princess,” often connected with purity and elegance
  33. Thalia – Greek origin, meaning “to blossom” or “to flourish,” symbolizing purity and youthful beauty
  34. Vera – Russian origin, meaning “faith” or “truth,” often associated with purity and sincerity
  35. Wren – English origin, representing a small, white songbird known for its delicate appearance
  36. Gwenyth – Welsh origin, meaning “white” or “blessed”
  37. Alba – Latin origin, meaning “white” or “dawn”
  38. Evangeline – Greek origin, meaning “bearer of good news” or “bringer of light”
  39. Lenore – Greek origin, meaning “light” or “torch”
  40. Nova – Latin origin, meaning “new” or “bright”
  41. Svetlana – Slavic origin, meaning “light” or “bright”
  42. Artemis – Greek origin, associated with the moon and its pale light
  43. Bianka – Hungarian origin, meaning “white” or “fair”
  44. Blanchefleur – French origin, meaning “white flower”
  45. Cerys – Welsh origin, meaning “love” or “beloved,” often associated with purity
  46. Elara – Greek origin, meaning “white” or “clear”
  47. Guinevere – Welsh origin, meaning “white shadow” or “white wave”
  48. Isolde – Germanic origin, meaning “ice ruler” or “fair lady”
  49. Lilith – Hebrew origin, meaning “night” or “ghostly,” representing a pale or white appearance
  50. Paloma – Spanish origin, meaning “dove,” symbolizing purity and innocence
  51. Roxana – Persian origin, meaning “dawn” or “bright,” associated with the early morning light
  52. Thalassa – Greek origin, meaning “sea” or “ocean,” often representing a clear and pristine body of water
  53. Valentina – Latin origin, derived from “valens” meaning “strong” or “healthy,” often linked to a radiant complexion
  54. Wilhelmina – Germanic origin, meaning “resolute protector” or “helmet of will,” associated with a fair and strong nature
  55. Yara – Arabic origin, meaning “small butterfly” or “white as jasmine”

Conclusion: Naming a child is a deeply personal and meaningful decision, and choosing a name that embodies the symbolism of “white” can add an extra layer of significance. The names mentioned above for both boys and girls represent a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and linguistic origins, allowing parents to find inspiration that aligns with their preferences and heritage.

It is essential to note that while the color white carries positive connotations, the significance of a name extends far beyond its literal meaning. Parents should consider factors such as cultural relevance, personal taste, and family traditions when selecting a name for their child. Ultimately, the most important aspect is choosing a name that resonates with love, hope, and the aspirations parents have for their little one.

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