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Unicorn cakes make everyone feel happy and special with their mouth watering flavors and freshness. The designs are charming that help to impress your loved ones instantly and give some unforgettable memories of the celebrations

Unicorn Cakes

Floral White Unicorn Cake

Original price was: ₹4,000.00.Current price is: ₹3,198.00.

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Original price was: ₹4,000.00.Current price is: ₹3,399.00.

Simple Unicorn Cake

Original price was: ₹900.00.Current price is: ₹698.00.

Unicorn Cake 500gm

Original price was: ₹1,000.00.Current price is: ₹749.00.

Unicorn Photo cake Half Kg

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹749.00.

Unicorn Vanilla Cake

Original price was: ₹4,000.00.Current price is: ₹3,498.00.

Send Unicorn Cake Delivery Across India

Unicorn cakes make everyone feel happy and special with their mouth watering flavors and freshness. The designs are charming that help to impress your loved ones instantly and give some unforgettable memories of the celebrations. When it comes to giving some unforgettable memories to the recipients, then you have to plan some designer cakes from the trustworthy cake delivery platform in your city. Bakers are continuously trying new things, which is how they came up with the concept of Unicorn cakes online to double the charm of any celebration. If you really want to make your celebrations memorable, you should order Unicorn cakes online from Kekmart. The 3-D-looking cakes loaded inside with candies are known as Unicorn cakes, and they are best for celebrating all the special occasions. You can quickly send Unicorn cakes online to delight your near or dear ones. The excitement comes from breaking open the Unicorn cake and unveiling the delectable surprise inside at the celebration.  You can also buy Unicorn cakes online for all the remarkable occasions to create some joyous memories with your near or dear ones. So, make your presence with such delectable Unicorn cakes at their most awaited events. Send Now! Download Kekmart App for Online Unicorn Cake Delivery.

Make Your Celebrations Memorable With Unicorn Cake Delivery From Kekmart

If you like to make a perfect surprise for your near or dear ones, then it is important to go with designer Unicorn cakes online on their special occasions. The cake with customized graphics looks more attractive and is always the best choice for showing your deep affection. You can even send Unicorn cake online to delight your best buddies anywhere in India. When you want to show your immense love in your relationship, you should express online Unicorn cake delivery to make the recipient feel blessed. If you have a habit of buying gifts at the last minute, an online Unicorn cake would be the ideal way to surprise your loved ones without any hassle. We provide the same day Unicorn cake delivery to make your celebrations memorable. Kekmart also offers Unicorn cakes with rich taste at affordable prices. You just need to get into our cake portal and surf the different varieties of cakes over there. We ensure you will find all the delectable cake choices according to your preferences. Our main motive is to provide quality cake delivery service to our valued customers. Feel free to get various trending themed and designer Unicorn cakes to commemorate your memorable occasions. 

Buy Unicorn Cake Online to Mark Your Special Occasions 

Cakes come in the most delectable items, especially on remarkable events. It tastes great in any shape, whether jar cake, cup cake, Unicorn cake, and many more. Now, you can easily buy Unicorn cake online from your favorite cake shop Kekmart in your city. There are many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other festive occasions when you can order Unicorn cake to enhance the celebration. Our Unicorn cakes are filled with tasty candies, chocolates, and gems, etc. that make them more delicious for grand celebrations. Kekmart also provides different varieties of Unicorn cakes in all the delectable flavors like black forest Unicorn cake, pineapple Unicorn cake, red velvet Unicorn cake, and so on. There are mainly two popular designs of Unicorn cakes available: round ball-shaped cakes and diamond hearts. You have options to pick your favorite flavors and designs to order Unicorn cakes online from Kekmart for your upcoming celebrations. If you like to delight your beloved partner on Valentine’s day, then you can order heart shaped Unicorn cakes online for showing your deep affection in the relationship. 

At Kekmart, you will get every Unicorn cake at an affordable range than others. We can help you order a scrumptious Unicorn cake online within your budget. Place your order for a Unicorn cake online to make a perfect birthday or anniversary surprise for your loved ones. We provide free, same-day, and midnight Unicorn cake online delivery in more than 550+ cities in India. For vegetarians, you can even buy eggless Unicorn cake online from our trustworthy cake shop. You may also personalize the Unicorn cake with your personal message or theme to show your deep concern. You can also complement your gifts with Unicorn cakes to delight your family and friends.

Enjoy Same Day Unicorn Cake Delivery to Surprise Your Family and Friends

Kekmart is providing the best and quality cakes and gifts home delivery services in India. Here you will get freshly baked cakes to relish your near or dear ones on their memorable occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, graduation parties, Christmas day, Valentine’s day, and many more. Here you will get all the trending varieties of cakes to make your celebrations. If you like to get same day Unicorn cake delivery to amaze your family or friends, then you have to place your order at Kekmart portal. We always bake fresh cakes as per the order received from the customers. Kekmart is also specialized in delivering Unicorn cakes online anywhere in India. Here you will find some fantastic options in Unicorn cakes to charm your dear ones. We have a variety of birthday cake, anniversary cake, and so on according to the celebrations. You can enjoy the quickest delivery of Unicorn cakes near you from Kekmart. There is also another option to personalize Unicorn cakes according to the recipient’s preferences. It would be a great pleasure to serve you with such delectable cakes and share some moments of happiness with your family and friends. Order Now!

Make The Celebrations More Special with Midnight Unicorn Cake Delivery

Cakes can make celebrations more thrilling and memorable, and nothing beats a delicious cake at midnight from loved ones. It’s a lovely feeling to send a cake at midnight to surprise your wife or girlfriend, and we’re here to help with midnight cake delivery across India. For example, if a loved one’s birthday is approaching, send a birthday cake online to give some unexpected moments of the celebration. Life is made up of these happy memories that you cherish with your special ones. So, get a Unicorn cake for your beloved ones as a birthday or anniversary surprise with some personalized gifts from Kekmart. We also provide different delivery time slots which you can choose according to the availability of the recipients. Simply surf and place your order with the delivery time you want anywhere in India. Cake flavors include strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, Vanilla, black forest, and many more. You can choose your favorite flavor and order Unicorn cake online to mark your grand celebration of the year. Bring an instant smile and excitement to your loved one’s face with freshly baked Unicorn cakes at Kekmart. So, you would always love to buy Unicorn cakes online from here to surprise your near or dear ones on their special days.

Unicorn Cake Online at Kekmart 

Surprising our loved ones with their best gifts and three gestures is definitely a good way of spreading happiness. This happiness does not extend to our loved ones only, it makes us happy in return simply because watching our dear one smile gives us a reason to smile as well.  

All of us believe in a culture of celebrating our happy moments or initiating new techniques with something sweet. That is the reason why sweets, desserts, chocolates and cakes are so popular in demand especially during the festive season.  

You too can order cake online at Kekmart and ensure happiness for your dear one by sending them a cute Unicorn cake which would definitely make them smile.  

Unique Unicorn Birthday Cake from Kekmart 

The joy of birthdays is surely unmatched by any other occasion. Everyone is excited about birthdays but this excitement is the most among the little kids, who wait eagerly for this day. They make plans for celebrating this day.  

You can make the celebration of the kid’s birthday extra delightful by surprising them with a beautiful Unicorn cake for celebrating their birthday. At Kekmart, you can come across the mesmerizing designs of Unicorn birthday cake in a variety of flavors such as fruit cake, butterscotch cake, vanilla cake, blueberry cake, Blackberry cake, mango cake etc. 

 You can also get a rainbow cake and order any design of cake as per your choice and get a birthday cake online delivery at your doorstep so that you do not have to leave your house and search for the cake here and there. Unicorn birthday cakes are very popular these days, and they are especially demanded for celebrating kids’ events. so, you too can get one for yourself and make the birthday of your little one more joyful.  

Personalize your Unicorn Cake 

At Kekmart, we believe in making your special moments magical. We have a huge range of cake designs to suit all occasions. Our unicorn cakes are sure to bring out the magic in your ordinary day. Guests of all ages, from toddlers to octogenarians will love the vibrant designs and colorful decorations on our unicorn cakes. 

The best part: you can customize any of our unicorn cake designs to suit your specific tastes. Whether you choose a bold red velvet or a classic vanilla, we can get it done for you. Select your preferred cake flavors, sizes, egg/eggless while checking out. And, don’t forget to include a loving message for the birthday girl or boy on the cake for no extra cost. 

Buy Flavorsome Unicorn Themed Cakes Online at Kekmart 

The best part about cakes is that they are so yummy and so tempting they look and their taste both are fulfilling, therefore, people often find it difficult to select a particular cake for their celebrations. 

 At Kekmart, this choice of selecting a cake for your birthday parties or get-togethers with friends becomes more difficult because of the multiplicity of the flavorsome cakes that Kekmart provides to its customers.  

We believe in providing a multitude of choices to our customers so that they never experience boredom in terms of shopping for cake at our online cake shop. That is why we provide a special range of wholesome cakes to purchase. You may order Unicorn cake online for ceremonies that revolve around the theme of kids or cartoons.  

Besides that, you can get a special Barbie doll or Minion cake for your celebrations. You can browse through our catalog and come across various tempting themed cakes to order and send it to your dear ones thus making them smile.  

Choose A Fondant Unicorn Cake for Your Celebration to Make It More Joyful for The Guest 

Kekmart brings you a special variety of Unicorn cakes for adding more joy to your festive celebrations along with your family members and friends. Instead of ordering a regular Unicorn cake, you can order a special fondant cake and wait for fondant cake delivery at your doorstep.  

This cake would make you jump with excitement and happiness because of its charming look and tempting allure. Fondant cakes have a layer of extra sweetening on them which makes them extra luscious and flavorsome.  

You too can check out our range of fondant cakes of various sizes and shapes for all your celebration and order your favorite fondant cake at Kekmart. not just a fondant cake, you can also get a fondant cupcake for your dear ones and relish the taste of a luscious delight.  

Select Unique Unicorn Cake Designs at Kekmart 

At Kekmart, we believe that cakes are not just desserts, they are our emotions. After all, they reflect our feelings of love and affection towards the recipient. Therefore, Kekmart provides a variety of cake designs for you to order online and send cake through same-day delivery to your dear ones. thereby making them experience extra happiness with your cake. 

You can get a special range of customized cakes or a photo cake that can have a photo of you and the recipient on it. The photo surface of the cake will also be edible thereby making it safe for you to order the photo cake, this will surely be delightsome for your dear ones. Besides this, you can choose any design of cartoon characters such as Doraemon, Shinchan, Pikachu, Minions or any other design and get a cute cake for you and your friends.  

Get A Special Eggless Unicorn Cake for Delivery at Kekmart 

Kekmart pledges to fulfill the needs of all its customers. That is why it provides a plethora of choices in terms of selecting an egg-based and eggless cake for its customers. So, if you are looking forward to getting a cake that has no eggs then you can rely upon Kekmart for delivering you a tasty Unicorn cake that does not have eggs in it.  

You can order eggless cakes online at Kekmart and be assured of receiving the same taste as that of an egg-based cake, thereby making no compromise with the taste and quality of the luscious dessert that you ordered for your dear ones.  

Not just the Unicorn cakes, you can order any design of cake such as a car cake, bike cake, makeup cake, and choose the quantity for the same and place your order for Online cake delivery at Kekmart. You can make your payment at the web portal of Kekmart online cakes shop itself.  

We accept payment through credit card, debit card, UPI payment and we provide cash on the delivery facility as well. Thereby providing flexibility to our customers in terms of shopping at Kekmart.  

Kekmart understands the importance and excitement of birthdays everybody has. Therefore, it offers an extensive collection of tasty cakes for you to order on your birthday or on birthdays of your family members or friends for making the birthday events more delightful for everyone. 

You may buy cakes online and choose any of the below-mentioned cakes for your birthday celebrations.

FAQs for Unicorn Cake Delivery in India: 

What is the meaning of Unicorn cake?

The Unicorn cake, which is named after the Mexican fiesta centerpieces crafted of papier mache and laden with gifts, features a hollow center that may be filled with your favorite treats.

What is special about Unicorn cake?

Our Unicorn cakes pack goodies such as gems, macaroons, chocolates and cupcakes inside, which come as a sweet surprise for the recipient. The idea behind the Unicorn cake is to make the cake-cutting ceremony exciting and unique. This gives it a ‘wow’ factor that will keep everyone guessing as to what really is packed inside it.

What is the minimum weight of Unicorn cake required for serving five people?

The minimum weight of Unicorn cake for serving five people is around 1kg.

What flavors are available in Unicorn cakes?

Flavors like chocolate, black forest, strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch are available in Unicorn cakes.

What is the starting range of a Unicorn cake?

The starting price of a Unicorn Cake depends on the flavor and type of the cake.

Can you deliver Unicorn cake for same day delivery?

Yes, Kekmart provides same day delivery for Unicorn cakes.

Can you deliver a Unicorn cake at midnight? 

Yes, you can order a Unicorn Cake and get it delivered at midnight. 

FAQs Related To Unicorn Cake

What is the price of unicorn Cake?

From Kekmart, you can buy half kg unicorn cake in 699 Rs and 2 kg unicorn Fondant birthday cake in 3400 Rs.

Can I Get A Customised Unicorn cake?

Yes, you can customized your unicorn cake by contacting us on whatapp.

Can I Order An Eggless Unicorn Cake?

yes, there is no option for non-eggless cake. All the cakes of kekmart are 100% veg.

Do You Make Unicorn cake?

Yes, We at Kekmart make all type of cake like Unicorn cake.

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