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Best Birthday Cake Bakery in Phoenix😍👍

Here is the List of Best Cake bakery in Phoenix, Us  based on their rating and review on various platforms like google, yelp etc. Comment down your favorite one bakery in Phoenix ,Us.

Urban Cookies Bakeshop

Urban Cookies Bakeshop

Address: 2325 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006, United States


Phone: +1 602-451-4335

About Urban Cookies Bakeshop

“Family-owned gourmet bakeshop creating made-from-scratch cookies, cupcakes, cakes, donuts + more with only natural ingredients.”

Review Urban Cookies Bakeshop

Richard “The Food Doctor” Guthrie

First fell in love with Urban Cookies back in 2010 and was probably considered a regular for a while 😂 but today was my first time back in a couple years… It’s better than ever! We got two cookie jars (one filled with all milk and dark chocolate chunks, the other assorted) and a couple of the snack bars. I also got a PB&J cupcake but couldn’t wait till I got home to eat it so I had to pull over 😂. The service was as friendly as ever and the vibe just as fun. I’ll be back much sooner next time 🤤


Matthew Hernandez

Can I just live here please?

Tables, counters, and floors were clean. Everything was well organized and the shop temperature was just right. Decor is warm and intriguing. Parking lot was small and a little packed.

Staff was very friendly, attentive, and urgent. Everyone’s uniform was tidy and everyone had good hygiene. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and working hard.

Salted Caramel cupcake, Seasonal Pistachio Raspberry cupcake, and Salted Caramel Nut Bar were all beautiful and tasted phenomenal! Texture was great across the board. One hundred percent worth every penny. I want to spend all my money here.

On my next visit I wanna try more seasonal items, as well as the pineapple cookie I saw.

Zack Lyman

I have been going here for a long time. I started going here when they were in their old building. I suggest it to everyone. My favorite bakery in AZ. Highly suggest! Staff is always friendly and you can’t go wrong with any baked goods there.

Sugar and Lace Bakery

Address: 15414 N 19th Ave Ste B, Phoenix, AZ 85023, United States

Phone: +1 480-287-6102

About Sugar and Lace Bakery

“Sugar and Lace Bakery is a local bakery which uses fresh ingredients and bakes right here in store. We strive to treat each customer as family and exceed their wishes. Visit our shop to see a variety of goods, such as cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cake pops, and more! We offer all types of regular sweets as well as ones that require dietary restrictions. If you want to place a custom order — click the website section to see all of our forms. Want to see our creations? Visit our Facebook or Instagram page @SugarandLaceBakery. Have questions or need assistance? Text or call the bakery at 480 287 6102.”

Reviews Sugar and Lace Bakery

James F

Thank you Vanessa for making my daughter’s birthday a memorable one. The unicorn cake was absolutely a work of art. The cake was soft and moist, and the frosting had just the right sweetness. Everyone loved it and asked who made it.


12 December update: Why can’t my birthday be everyday! Six months ago I enjoyed my daughter’s birthday cake so much that I decided to have Vanessa make one for my birthday. Again, I was very happy and satisfied with the cake, as was everyone else celebrating with me. I’m definitely a regular customer and suggest Sugar and Lace Bakery to anyone looking for a cake for any occasion.

Rock Mejia

Local Guide

Can’t say thank you enough for how amazing this birthday cake turned out. I gave a simple idea and it came out 10 times better than I expected. The design, flavor and frosting were all perfect. This is my go to place whenever I need a cake from now on. Something to add, they also have cupcakes, cookies, pies, and macaroons that you can buy or order.


Sheebha Rani

I had ordered a duck theme cake with light blue as base for around 30 people for my son’s 2 birthday. I had sent a picture for reference. They made a very pretty cake with the same blue color and ducks decoration of their own idea, 2 tier cake and it was really good looking.

Coming to the taste of the cake, I chose chocolate base with chocolate cream and I did not expect the cake to be so so so so so yummy and delicious, so professionally made. The cake was nice and moist and not dry.

I would recommend 100% and their price is so reasonable.



Address: 803 N 7th St Suite 102, Phoenix, AZ 85006, United States

Phone: +1 602-274-2253


About aBakeshop

“aBakeshop is a custom cake and dessert shop specializing in weddings and events. All sweet treats are made in house from scratch.”

Reviews aBakeshop

Chloe Hasegawa

A Bakeshop was easy to work with and delivered a spectacular product. We had them put together a variety of their most popular items for our desert table and they prepared a gorgeous cutting cake for us. 

Tiffany Nam

Local Guide·

I ordered a Cassata shorty for my sister’s birthday and it was the perfect size for a small party. The cake was delicious, thank you!

Tammy White-Horne

Local Guide

Had a wedding cake tasting today – Jess was attentive , prepared and engaging!  We had a wonderful time and best of all every sample of cake, filling , frosting, cookies and macaroons were amazingly delicious.  Thank you for a great experience.

Barbs Bakery

Address: 2929 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States

Phone: +1 602-957-4422

Reviews Barbs Bakery

Ivette Renteria

I ordered a cake on 12/7/21 to pick up at 1pm on 12/10/21. I provided a picture of what I wanted. They did not seem to have a problem with the design or the short notice and I did ask if it was doable. I was charged $249 for the cake, a little pricey but did not care as long as the cake was perfect. I did have to wait about an hour on the day off because the cake was not ready on time. No big deal to me because all I cared about was perfection. When they first brought it out I was really unhappy with the results and had them correct it. Second time was a little better but nothing compared to the picture I sent in my opinion. I could not wait longer for them to redo it again and after seeing the lack of detail I was better off doing it myself so I took the cake as it was. Plus I did not want to argue, have it turn into something crazy and be left without a cake. As far as taste goes, overall moist but there were a few dry areas. Customer service was great though. That I did not have a problem with. I included pictures of what I wanted, what I received from them and the corrections my boyfriend and I made. Note, we have zero experience in cakes. I was referred to this bakery.

Jova Barris

Local Guide·

I recommend Barb’s Bakery. To specify, I had been very naughty today as I ordered a German Chocolate Cupcake, Pecan Square, and Chocolate Mousse Cake. The treats had been quite delicious. This being mentioned, I think the treats would have enhanced flavor if low-fat ingredients had been utilized to prepare. After all, obesity is an epidemic in this country. In short, I think low-fat ingredients would prove beneficial for the treats. The waitress who assisted today had been friendly and recommended popular treats.

Milton Ortiz

Technically  Barb’s Petit Fours (a small cake with frosting) is an accurate description, it does not have multiple layers and is not frosted all around like what is typically sold as a Petit Four.  It’s also quite a bit larger, but not nearly as interesting as a real Petit Four. I was disappointed.

Karl’s Quality Bakery

Address: 111 E Dunlap Ave #13, Phoenix, AZ 85020, United States


Phone: +1 602-997-7849

About Karl’s Quality Bakery

“Our goal is to work within our community by serving our client’s every need. From fresh, daily treats to desserts for a family occasion, we make every batch by hand and from scratch using real, clean ingredients.”

Reviews Karl’s Quality Bakery

Alixx Almstedt

Local Guide

This place is amazing! High quality, affordable, personable and competent staff, and a wide variety of delicious treats! My boyfriend and I like to get up early and grab a box of pastries from them every few weeks as a special treat, and everything we’ve ever had there is just to die for. We discovered it when looking for a Swedish princess cake for my birthday, and it was incredible! I highly recommend this bakery, and of course we’ll be back.

Kevin Carpenter

Local Guide

From the glorious pastries to the most delicious cakes and tasty fresh baked pies, I’m hooked on every delight they offer! The top choice for my sweet tooth every time.

Cynthia Kreiss

So sad….I wrote a review and they took it down but saved my picture.🤔 I guess they don’t like bad reviews!!!!Save your money way overpriced for awful cake. I paid $67 for my 8 inch cake  that was dry and crumbly and was supposed to have raspberry and didn’t..  shaking my head 🤔

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