Best Cake bakery in montgomery, al

Here is the Top 5 Best Cake bakery in montgomery, al based on their rating and review on various platform like google, yelp etc. Comment down your favorite one bakery in montgomery, al.

  • JoZettie’s Cupcakes

Address: 1404 S Decatur St, Montgomery, AL 36104, United States

Phone: +1 334-239-9289

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Hoyt Phillips

Local Guide

My boss recently sent me some cupcakes from here. I’m mad bc I didn’t know what I’ve been missing. It’s the best red velvet cupcake I’ve ever had. The size of the cupcake is substantial – think shorter and larger circumference with ample icing on top. The texture was perfect and it wasn’t overly sweet – so you could really taste the cake and icing. I highly recommend and will definitely be going back. It’s by far the best cupcake I’ve had in Montgomery.

Brooke Wilson

Came across this local & Black owned bakery and fell absolutely in LOVE!! All friendly people, the cupcakes were/are absolutely DELICIOUS!!’ There’s PLENTY variety; they are fresh, moist, and just…amazing! I sure wish I could take her back to Texas with us!!

  • Liger’s Bakery

Address: 3040 McGehee Rd, Montgomery, AL 36111, United States

Phone: +1 334-288-6550

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Hayley Cohen

Local Guide

Liger’s has done it again! They always make our special occasions so much sweeter. Their desserts are so much more than that – they are beautiful works of art for all to enjoy!


We had the famous thumbprint cookies and the cheese biscuits. We haven’t been in years. They were probably better than ever. 5 enthusiastic stars.

  • Shashy’s Bakery

Address: 1700 Mulberry St, Montgomery, AL 36106, United States

Phone: +1 334-262-2046

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Green Bean 

Rating 2*

Local Guide

No idea why the rating is so high. Maybe we hit on an off day. Cheese grits were REALLY salty. Western omelets were very watery from veggies, sweating rather than sautéing causes this. Toast hard? How? And seriously, what sausage brand? It tastes like Chloraseptic.

I’m sorry owners. Came here because the menu was a great concept, but the execution today was way off.

Kailin Kaiser

Rating 5*

My husband and I ate here for the first time this morning. We realized that there was only one waitress working but this did not impact our meal at all. In fact, she was a phenomenal server. The food was amazing. Best eggs benedict I’ve ever had. While the staff may have been minimal, they were so kind and welcoming that we will be going back again and again.

Shashy's Bakery

  • Cake Designs

Address: 3651 Debby Dr, Montgomery, AL 36111, United States

Phone: +1 334-288-6900

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Mona d Graham

Local Guide

I Love Cake Design, Every Year They Have Been Baking Me And My Husband’s Favorite Cake Italian Cream Cheese Cake The Best, And They Are Always Nice.

Billy Weeks

Hands down the BEST cake in town!  Thank you Cake Designs for always making the perfect cake.

  • Cakeology

Address: 6250 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States

Phone: +1 334-647-1262

Reviews on Google

Hans Goering

Had them make a cake for my wife’s B-Day. They absolutely nailed it! Could not have turned out any better, thanks y’all.

Andrena Mcclain

This cake by Mrs Dee Dee was more than I expected it was beautiful and delicious as well as the cupcakes it was for my daughter’s baby shower monster’s inc that you Mrs Sabrina for gifting us this cake no complaints never had a cake this perfect and delicious that strawberry and white cake was just simply put excellent you should go on cake wars my granddaughter has a birthday in August carnival theme I can’t go back to grocery cakes after eating this!!!!!!!!

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