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Online Cake Delivery in Lucknow | Kekmart

Cakes are the best gift that you can send online with ease. The delicious taste of the cake is sure to satisfy the taste buds of your beloved ones. Online cake delivery in Lucknow is the best way to surprise your special one on any special day or occasion. Select a cake according to your preference and get it delivered to the right place from Kekmart. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, Kekmart is here to serve you in the best possible way.

Online Cake Delivery in Lucknow for Grand Celebrations

Cakes are synonymous with love and happiness. They captivate our taste buds with their creamy and delectable flavour. Cakes usually make essential moments even more joyful, whether conveying true love or bringing additional excitement to a gathering. The right pairing of the cake with any occasion will bring people joy and tempt them to eat more. Savour the phenomenal cakes from Kekmart by ordering cakes online in Lucknow. Known as the IT capital of our country India, the city of Lucknow has a high population ratio where people are busy in the rat race of life. Even after being so busy, they are always ready to enjoy every moment of life as if it’s their last. Lucknow has a very chill vibe as the people there know how to dream big, hustle hard, and enjoy every moment in their lives. Come on, Lucknowans, relish the taste of online cakes in Lucknow led by Kekmart. Without cakes, bad moods cannot be transformed into good ones, and no major milestone in life can be celebrated. We are bringing smiles to many faces with online cake delivery in Lucknow.

Kekmart sprinkles the happy confetti in your lives and illuminates every special occasion with the sweetness of its cakes. We bring you an incredible range of delicious cakes for different occasions. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary party, wedding or success party, mother’s day or daughter’s day, we have all that makes you feel happy and satiates your taste buds. Kekmart is the largest online cake store listed with the best cake stores to order cake online for celebrating an occasion. We provide the best and on-time online cake delivery in Lucknow with the convenience of choosing from some of the unique varieties of delicious cakes. Make your loved ones feel special by sending the best cake in Lucknow. Our backend team works day and night, and we are always ready to make our customers feel happy. Send good wishes and love to your family and folks living in Lucknow by ordering cakes online from Kekmart. Order a birthday cake online in Lucknow and uplift your celebrations to new heights. We provide you with the best cake delivery so that no celebration, proposal, or moment can go missed.

Order Cake in Lucknow – Kekmart

Cakes By Occasion Cakes By Type Cakes By Size
Anniversary Designer Cake 1/2 Kg
Birthday Cupcakes 1 KG
Congratulations Cartoon Cakes 2 KG
I Am Sorry Theme Cakes 3 KG
Cakes for All Occasions Heart-Shaped Cakes 5 KG

Order Cake Online in Lucknow to Make Your Every Event Special

At Kekmart, we have a countless variety of delicious cakes that are perfect for every occasion. Your choice might end, but our variety will not. Gorge onto your favourite delicacies made for various occasions and events. Have an ambrosial cake on Birthdays, Anniversaries, Fathers Day or Weddings, and other festive occasions by ordering cake online in Lucknow from Kekmart. One of the most reputed online stores, Kekmart has a legacy of providing incomparable taste, mesmerizing look, and the best quality with our instant melt-in-mouth sweet delicacies.

  • Cakes for Anniversaries: Your wife is a person who has promised to hold your hand at every stage of your life. Gift her a lovely Anniversary Cake to make your anniversary an adorable one. 
  • Cakes for Birthdays: A birthday is a day of enjoyment when all guests gather to celebrate birthdays, but what about the one who is living miles away from you in Lucknow? Kekmart will help you to come out of this situation. You can send your heartfelt wishes and affection to your loved ones in Lucknow by choosing the best cake from our Birthday Cake section. Our birthday cake category includes Ferrero Rochers chocolate cake, Plain Chocolate cake, Pineapple cake, Butterscotch Cake, and many more. These tasty delights will make your dear one’s day more joyful and memorable. So, order a birthday cake online in Lucknow, and Kekmart is here to make the doorstep delivery.
  • Cakes for Baby Showers: A baby is the best gift given by God, who enlightens your world. This day is special for all. A woman transforms into a mother. The footprints of a baby never dim or fade in our hearts. They bring new hope, happiness, and a dream of possibilities. Kekmart brings you a beautiful Baby Shower cake, Baby Shoe cake, Twins Baby cake, and Welcome Baby cake for this lovely occasion by keeping your feelings in mind.
  • Cakes for Appreciation: A simple thank you is never enough to appreciate the hard work or to appreciate the love and support of someone. Kekmart is here to resolve this issue by offering you a variety of appreciation cakes like Beautiful Vanilla cake, Dark Chocolate cake, Dark Royal Cake, Choco Vanilla, Plum Cake, Pineapple cake, and many more. These cakes show how much you care about the other person and their efforts. So, don’t let the moment go and distance spoil your gifting spirit. Appreciate your friends or family members for making your life so wonderful. Order cakes online in Lucknow and appreciate them for their constant efforts and love.
  • Cakes for Someone Special: Love is what makes the world go around and gives you a reason to live your life in an alluring way. Falling in love with someone is the most beautiful feeling in the world. To express love, one needs a medium. Designer cakes with flavourful taste will help you showcase your affections for your lover and act as a messenger. Kekmart’s cakes category has a variety of cake options for your loved ones living in Lucknow. Cakes like Red Velvet cake, Strawberry heart shaped cake, White Forest Cake, and many gorgeous cakes. The love confessing Choco Strawberry cake speaks out the emotions of your heart in front of your loved ones. Make an order at Kekmart and send the cake online in Lucknow.
  • Cakes for the Wedding: Celebrate your most memorable day with our yummy cakes. Kekmart has fresh cakes of delectable taste made with the secret ingredient of love that will surely make your day memorable in your life. An extensive assortment of wedding cakes is available on our website Kekmart. from where you can order any cake that you like the most. Cakes like Frozen Alluring cake, Wedding Bells cake, White Swan pair cakes, and Heartfelt Rosy delight make this lifetime occasion a dazzling one.
  • Cakes for Apology: Cakes are not only made for celebrating happy moments. They also help in bringing broad smiles across the saddest face of your dearest one. Gifting cakes is a quaint and simple way to say “I’m sorry” to the one living in Lucknow. Kekmart has beautiful sorry cakes that will help you in apologizing for your mistakes. So, buy a flavourful cake from Kekmart and express your apology. Its sweetness will remove the bitterness of hatred and add the sweetness of love in your relationships. So, come on, place an order for this lovely delight at our website, Kekmart. In, and get timely online cake delivery in Lucknow and other cities.

Cake Delivery in Lucknow – Variety of Flavors of Cakes For Every Occasion

Kekmart is a master of making cakes for every festive occasion. We bring a fresh collection of cakes every time, making your special moments perfect and refreshing your soul. Celebrate every occasion with complete ecstasy and bless your every love relation, whether it’s your family, friends, or relatives living in Lucknow, by making an online cake order in Lucknow.

Is your friend a chocolate lover? Is your brother fond of fruitcakes? Every person in this world has different tastes and preferences. Kekmart welcomes every choice. Our cakes are good in taste, and they just come in different flavours. You will find different flavours and designs from our overwhelming online range of delicious cakes at our website, Kekmart. In. We always do experiments to bring new flavours that will be loved by your taste buds.

  • For a Chocolate Lover: Chocolate is the delight loved by the whole world. No one can resist the delectable taste of chocolates. Generations passed, but the craze for this sweet delight has never decreased. We are best at making cakes for the chocolate lover. We have chocolate-flavoured cakes like Chocolate Velvet, heartfelt cake, Sinful Chocolate, Chocolate Truffle, German Wild Forest, and many more that will melt your heart with their chocolicious taste. We also have a unique Chocolate Walnut cake, which will give you a crackle of walnuts in your mouth along with the sweetness of chocolate.
  • For a Coffee Lover: Bold, spicy, citrus, cocoa, and nutty are the flavours that you feel when you experience the taste of the coffee. Kekmart offers you Hazelnut Cappuccino cake having the smooth flavour of cappuccino that will help you share your unequivocal love with your special one.
  • For a Fruitcake Lover: Being the topping of cake in a world full of cakes, we have an array of flavoured fruit cakes like Pineapple cake, Strawberry, Mango Maharaja, etc. We also come up with a combination of flavours of chocolate and fruits in one cake. Cakes like Duet Swirl Chocolate and Fruit cake, Chocolates Fruitcake, Love Confessing Choco Strawberry will blast sour, sweet, and tart flavours in your mouth and make you feel delightful.

So, go through our website and see what we have for you to make you and your loved ones feel good. We do not believe in the business of online cakes. Instead, we believe in developing a tremendous bond with you and making your moments memorable. 

Take Delight For Online Cake Delivery in Lucknow Through Kekmart

Kekmart online cake delivery offers you a wide variety of cakes that are baked with love and compassion. Our bakers make the cake with the best ingredients. We have a handful of fantastic flavors of cakes for illuminating your occasion. Our team aims at delivering these delicious cakes right to your doorstep on time. We assure you that our cakes will multiply the element of your celebration. You can gorge on your favorite cakes with Kekmart and take your celebration to a new height. We provide online cake delivery to more than 650+ cities around the country.

Mesmerize your Dearies by the Best Cake Delivery in Lucknow 

Photo Cakes: To make the occasion more exciting and joyful, we even offer online photo cakes, available in various flavours like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and butterscotch. Get a lovely photo of your loved ones printed on your cake that will inevitably cause a sensation. The cream of this photo cake is edible. You can order cakes online in Lucknow for numerous occasions. If your best friend’s birthday is coming soon, then give him a beautiful surprise photo on the cake. Get your beautiful memory printed on the cake that will surely bring a wide smile to his face. This photo cake will add more magic to the whole event and make your attempt successful. Photo cakes usually relive your memories and make your loved ones feel special. So, get ready to savour the taste of this amazing photo cake by making online cake delivery in Lucknow from Kekmart. Some of our beautiful creations are a couple of photo cakes, Best Friends Forever cake, Vanilla photo cake, Cars photo cake, Football photo cake, and many more. Order cakes online in Lucknow from Kekmart as we provide different types of cakes like photo cake, kid cake, theme cake, eggless, customized cake with hassle-free delivery.Same-Day Online Cake Delivery in Lucknow

  • Kid Cakes: The most precious sight is indeed the smile of a child. Parents are always the reason behind that smile. They can pay any cost for it. Kekmart cares for your emotions. Therefore, we take a little extra initiative to bring a comprehensive range of Kids’ Cakes to make your children’s birthday more special. Even same-day online birthday cake delivery in Lucknow is possible with us. A well-known fact is that kids are always fond of cartoon characters. Get the best online cake delivery in Lucknow for kids. We have different cakes that can make your kids feel amazed. If you are looking for a cartoon theme or a superhero theme birthday cake, or a perfect birthday cake for your baby girl or boy, then your search is over now! We have every type of delicious cake that can make your kid fall in love. For your baby boy, some of the best cakes in Lucknow available on our website Kekmart. in are Superman cake, Spider-man fondant cake, Mighty Raju photo cake, Chota Bheem Friends photo cake, Chota Bheem face cake, Doraemon cartoon cake, Happy minion cake, and many more. And for your baby girl, we have Minnie mouse fondant cake, Barbie Beauty, Minnie Mouse Birthday, Dora n Map shape, Cinderella, Twinkle Star cake that will surely make her feel like a princess on her birthday. Browse through our lovely collection of kids’ cakes online, choose the best one, and make online birthday cake delivery in Lucknow.
  • Hot Selling Cakes: The good-looking, delicious, and most importantly, trending cakes are included in this category. Cakes like Black Forest Cake, Vanilla, Pineapple, Cherry Pool cake, Chocolate Cake, Rocky Road cake, Lychee-Mango, Cherry Cream Gateaux cake are some of our most selling and high rated cakes loved by our customers. This section comprises all cakes that can make your celebrations grand and memorable for having an authentic slice of heaven in Lucknow, order cakes online at Lucknow, and watch the cheerful faces of your loved ones.
  • Theme Cakes: A perfect cake makes the recipient smile with its delicious flavours and gorgeous look. Kekmart also has a fantastic collection of themed cakes that come in various shapes. Imagine the beautiful moment when your dear ones living in Lucknow feel overwhelmed with love on seeing the cake-related to their dreams, jobs, and attitude. We have a variety of Theme Cakes that you won’t find on other sites. Surprise your backpacker and explorer friend with our Traveller Cake made with the utmost perfection and care. We also have a Book cake for your bookworm friend or the one who will start a new career. We have a Racing Car cake for a speed lover that will amuse your loved one with its elegant look. Kekmart never ignores your choices as it gives you more ideas in exploring ourselves in a much better way. Our latest collection also includes a Baby Shoe cake and Welcome Baby cake for the baby shower day. Celebrate this day with a beautiful cake and make this day the prettiest one. A baby is a blessing and a precious gift, and for welcoming this new member of your family, order the best cake and get hassle-free online cake delivery in Lucknow. We have many more cakes in numbers and alphabet shapes, which are perfect for your kid’s birthday party.
  • Eggless Cakes: Are you looking for a fantastic and delicious cake, but at the same time you want it to be eggless? So, in this case, Kekmart is the ideal choice for you. We bring you an astounding range of eggless cakes that will match the taste of the veggie one. We understand your sentiments and perform the task by keeping your requirements in mind. We take care of flavour along with its look. Each eggless cake is made with the finest and purest of ingredients. You can choose Nougat cake, Strawberry Fancy, Dark Royal, Vanilla Extravagant, Chocolate Mud cake, and many more. Our healthy, delicious, and exquisite cakes are sure to leave all-eggless cake lovers mesmerized. Send a fantastic cake to your vegetarian friend by making Eggless Cake Delivery In Lucknow. Add the sweetness into your relationships by offering moist and tender bites of eggless cakes that will surely steal the recipients’ hearts. Tease the taste buds of your family and friends with our tasty and richly flavoured eggless cakes. Order cakes online in Lucknow and make your celebrations an unforgettable one.
  • Premium Cakes: Multi-tier cakes are eye-catching cakes that are simply beyond any comprehension. These types of delicacies are perfect for every small or big party and festive occasion. Catch the attention of party guests by ordering the multi-tier cake from our Premium Cakes category on our website. Kekmart provides you with one, two, or three-tier cakes that will steal the show even before they have been sliced and plated. Multi-tier cakes are one step ahead towards the creativity, appearance, and decoration of cakes. These cakes are the best options for celebrating every occasion or party innovatively. Different flavours are used in each tier so that you can enjoy the taste of many in one dessert. The large size is specially made to ensure that there is a cake for everyone. You can opt for these cakes for big occasions or events like birthday parties, anniversaries, new year parties, farewell parties, or any other big gathering. Some of the two-tier cakes available on our website are Vanilla Beauty cake, Heartfelt Delight Pineapple cake, Supreme Vanilla cake, and many more that will make you feel wow with its elegant look. Kekmart is here to help you make three-tier cake delivery in Lucknow by presenting a delectable cake-like Heart-Melting Chocolate cake, Flowery Chocolate cake, Yummy Vanilla cake. Our extensive collection of cakes will add the spirit of festivity on any occasion. Make a selection from our variety of cakes and get it delivered to the right place with our fantastic delivery options.

Kekmart Offers Best Online Cake Delivery in Lucknow

The sweet aroma and the rich taste of cakes release endorphins (the feel-good hormones) in our body. Cakes are the world’s most favourite delicacies and may have different effects on people’s moods. They are the best way to express your feelings and love for someone. So get this online cake delivery in Lucknow with ease and enjoy every bite of the tastiest cakes. At Kekmart, you can make an order with no worries. Just order it and get it delivered to your doorstep. A plethora of delivery options is available at Kekmart that can help you make your dear ones happy in a way no one else can. Send cakes in Lucknow on time with our same-day delivery options by Kekmart.

With our assured cake delivery, you can be relaxed as we made an effortless booking process. We are sure that it will be a fantastic experience ordering with us. You can make a surprise more special by clicking more delivery options like midnight cake delivery in Lucknow. Make a surprise more marvellous at every celebration. We feel proud to be a part of your celebrations and happiness with our delectable cakes.

Kekmart is the most reliable online cake shop to send cakes online in Lucknow. Make your celebrations grand every time with the mouth-watering flavours of our cakes. If you want home delivery of the cake or you want it to be delivered to your office space, then we can make it possible without any hassle. So, what’s stopping you? Browse our eye-popping options, book a cake according to your choice, and get seamless delivery in just one click! We take the responsibility of hand-delivering the cake with care and accuracy. Have a safe and friendly delivery of the cake. Check a cake shop in Lucknow.

Online Cake Delivery in Lucknow – Happiness Delivery

A heavenly cake has never been neglected to pass on your heart-melting affections for your cherished one. With regards to ordering and sending a delightful cake with a profoundly alluring plan for any unique event, then, at that point Kekmart is the ideal online cake Delivery platform that gives the best cake delivery in Lucknow. In this way, you can arrange and send cake to Lucknow easily. Shop in wide flavors for your precious ones.

Send Special Cakes to Lucknow For Special-One – Kekmart

If you are planning to send cakes to Lucknow, then choose us to enjoy the best Cake Delivery in Lucknow. You can also send personalized gifts by simply adding your personal notes and sending along with the chosen gifts. Personalizing gifts will give more value and meaning to your gifts, your loved one will get a special vibe from it.

Send Cake to Lucknow For Every Occasions With Kekmart

If you are searching for online cake delivery in Lucknow, then you are in the right spot as Kekmart offers a lot of brilliant cakes for cake delivery in Lucknow. You can arrange from a tremendous assortment of choices going from vanilla, black forest, butterscotch and many more. Alongside that, there are a few extraordinary designer cakes accessible too which will simply add additional delicacy as you would prefer buds. Here are a portion of our special amazing cakes;

Occasional Cakes: Designer cakes are specially made by well known chefs. Designer cakes are for fundamental events and festivities. Every single event festivity has gotten important to get invigorated from our day by day life and schedule. Events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, New Year, Diwali, Birthday, Wedding Anniversaries, and so forth So to partake in the events, one necessitates saving time so we can invest energy with our friends and family. No compelling reason to stress over that, you can basically arrange fashioner cakes on the web, and it will get followed through on schedule at your doorstep. Originator cakes have heaps of assortments of Photo cakes, Drawing, Shape cakes, Two-Tier, Wedding, Three-level, Cartoon molded cakes, Hammer cake & Pinata cake .You can get every one of the cakes with no problem. You can likewise deliver cake online in Lucknow from here.

Letter Cakes: Drawing cakes are made for kids. These days, guardians need to make their kids’ first birthday celebration the most extraordinary and noteworthy for their entire life. Subsequently, the infectious piece of the youngsters’ birthday is just the cake. The cake ought to be unique and scrumptious. The assortment of Online Cakes which is there for youngsters birthday celebration is Cartoon cakes, Alphabet cakes. Letters in order cakes are truly mainstream. All guardians for the most part request Alphabet cakes for the principal birthday of their youngsters.

Photo cakes: Photo cakes are for birthday celebrations and Anniversaries. Practically all individuals love to arrange modified cakes for their accomplices and kids. You can pick your accomplice photo and transfer it for photo cakes. It will be imprinted on cakes which are edible cream with your chosen flavor. Photo cakes can be requested for first commemorations and birthday celebrations. On valentine’s day, photograph cakes become the most selling cakes. The normal flavors which are adored by all are Black timberland flavor, Butterscotch Flavor, Pineapple Flavor, Vanilla Flavor. On the off chance that you need to arrange for your adored one, you can pick Double chocolate flavor, Black timberland Flavor, and so on Assuming the event is for guardians, you can pick flavors like Fresh natural product Flavor, Mango Flavor, Chocolate Truffle Flavor, and Pineapple Flavors.

Shape Cakes: Shape cakes are intended for weddings and furthermore can be requested for a wedding blessing. A large portion of individuals who can’t go to their companion’s wedding or family members’ wedding, as a rule, bless wedding-shaped cakes which is the most delightful method of wishing. Fit as a fiddle cakes, two sorts of varieties are there. One is Two Tier and the other is 3-Tier Cakes. Fit as a fiddle cakes additionally you can pick the kind of cake as per your decision. The normal selling flavors are Dark Royale, Cherry Flavor, Strawberry Flavor, German wild backwoods cake and some more.

Heart Shape Cakes: Heart-formed cakes can be requested for Married Couples, Lovers and your shut ones. You can send cakes to Lucknow from Kekmart. You can pick the flavor according to your desire and requirement. Midnight conveyance of cakes for heart shape cakes is likewise accessible.

Looking For Varieties of Cakes in Lucknow? Visit Kekmart!

In India, sending sweets on any happy occasion is a tradition. But, festivals bring an onslaught of sweets from family and friends. Why not send a special cake to your dear ones in Lucknow. Apart from birthday and anniversary cakes, our online cake store offers cakes for almost all special occasions. Be it any festival, event, or occasion – Diwali, Christmas or even Raksha Bandhan. You will find a cake that fits the event just perfectly. Sending a delicious cake along with a rakhi would make your sister or brothers day! So, order cake online in Lucknow from Kekmart for a memorable celebration on any occasion and make it special with the sweetness of finely baked cakes. It is a flawless way to celebrate this special day.

When it comes to celebrating a special day with your dear ones, the first thing that comes in your priority list is a lip-smacking cake. Right? Well, a cake is a dessert which is liked by everyone and with online cake delivery in Lucknow, no celebration can go without cake cutting. And to help you celebrate any occasion with absolute merriment with your near and dear ones, Kekmart is your go-to guide. Yes, to make your celebrations or parties grand, you can rely on one of the most popular online gifting portals in your city, i.e., Kekmart. It is 24/7 available for you without any hassle. Here you will find varieties of cakes to deliver in any corner of India. We have some unique cakes such as Ferrero Rocher cakes and Number cakes. Whether it’s time to celebrate twenty-five years of togetherness of your parents or you want to throw a grand party on the birth of your newborn baby, Kekmart serves you with numerous varieties of cakes. And it will enhance the charm of your party and make your guests fully satisfied. The cake flavors that you must add in your celebrations are like vanilla cake, butterscotch cake, fruit cake, red velvet cake, pineapple cake, strawberry cake, chocolate cake, and so forth because they are highly irresistible. Not only that, but, here you will get varieties of cakes in more exotic flavors like chocolate-coffee, rabri cake, Paan cake, etc. for different occasions. You can even get the cake flavour customised as per your preference because we are happy to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Break It To Revel It – Order Pinata Cakes in Lucknow From Kekmart

Following the trend is something that team Kekmart can’t stop doing, and so we bring you a Pinata cake in Lucknow. It is a cake-type having a layer of hard sugar cover which needs to be broken down to reveal the cake inside. We have different designs of Pinata cakes that can help you to create amazing celebration videos and clicking moments worthy of social media platforms. Our Pinata cake price in Lucknow starts at Rs. 1499. If you surprise someone for the first time, try the trendy pinata cake. It comes along with a free wooden hammer. The cake we are talking about here is a special one and thus special Pinata cake delivery is launched to deliver it to the customers. Download Kekmart Cake Delivery App for Online Cake Delivery in Lucknow.

End your search for the best cake shop near me with Kekmart

When Kekmart has come with the tastiest, most fresh and delicious cakes and is sending online cake delivery in Lucknow, what’s keeping you waiting? We rely on the best quality ingredients to scale our order with every cake we make. From fresh fruit cakes to thoughtful photo cakes we trust in making the best one. Be it any occasion Kekmart never fails to surprise its customers and to give you some ideas to surprise your loved ones. We have designer cakes, photo cakes, multi-tiered cakes, coffee, chocolate, red velvet, orange, rainbow and fruit flavoured cakes as well. Kekmart is that renowned that is your successful stop to put an end to your search for the best cake shop near me.

Order Online Festive Cakes to Your Dear Ones via Kekmart’s Best Cake Shop Near You

The best way to make love to your partner born with a sweet tooth is cakes. Cakes in lip-smooching flavour that will instantly make him/her fall for you. Is there a bakery that can help you with this? Well, Kekmart is the online bakery serving you with delicious cakes. Heart-shaped cakes, cakes with fondant hearts, chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes, I Love You cakes, theme cakes, and many more love baked choices. You can order Valentine day cake online from the comfort of your home and send it to your beloved one with the help of our valentine cake delivery in Lucknow. You can also order pull me up cakes from us to have some insta-worthy moments in your celebrations of any festive occasion. Our standard delivery comes with free-shipping benefits.

Choosing from the regular flavours like vanilla, pineapple, strawberry and chocolate, you also get to order cakes of flavours like orange, red velvet, pineapple, fresh fruits, mango, etc. Another way of surprising your dear ones is by opting for customised cake in Lucknow. In short, you get to choose a cake of unique flavour effortlessly. So whenever you want to surprise anyone and need a cake home delivery in Lucknow, we’re just a click away!

Send Cakes to Lucknow – The City of Lakes And Hills

Rich in culture and history, Lucknow, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is also one of the greenest cities of India. The city of Lucknow is known for its fervor and exuberance. If your family, friends, or any of your loved ones have recently relocated to Lucknow, expressing your warmth and affection to them must have become difficult. But, there is no need to worry because Kekmart, an online gifting portal, makes it quite easier for you by offering flawless online cake delivery in Lucknow city. No matter what the occasion is, you can send cakes to Lucknow from our online cake shop to the doorstep of your loved ones without any trouble.

Our gifting portal provides you with the facility of on-time home delivery of cakes in Lucknow on any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, or anything else, you can order Birthday cake for kids, cakes for your parent’s anniversary, heart-shaped cakes for your sweetheart, and a lot just by exploring our website from the comfort of your home. People do love to celebrate six month birth anniversaries of their kids, and Kekmart has launched special half birthday cakes for them. Our Lucknow cake delivery is always ready to help you convey your love and care to those you want. You can also throw a surprise on any occasion by sending a delicious cake to your darling ones on the very same day or even at midnight. So, avail this superb facility of Kekmart and deliver cakes in Lucknow to your loved ones and make them enjoy their day to the fullest.

Place An Online Order For Eggless Cake Delivery In Lucknow For Your Loved Ones

Now, celebrating an anniversary, birthday, and other occasions are no more hassle. With Kekmart, find the ease of having cakes delivered at your doorstep on a perfect day, perfect moment. You can place the cake order in Lucknow for your loved ones and make the celebrations magical. With delivery in all parts of Lucknow, simply order the best birthday cake online in Lucknow and make a scrumptious addition to your party or celebration. Moreover, we serve you with the plethora of flavors in the eggless cake for vegetarians too, so that everyone can enjoy their favourite delight without resisting themselves. So, place your order for any type of egg or eggless cake delivery in Lucknow online and bring a big smile on your loved one’s face on their special days.

No occasion would be fulfilled without the presence of delicious cakes. Gone are the times where you needed to move to the cake bakery near you, wait for a long time and buy the cake. Many bakeries out there will ask you to place an order well in advance to have the cake. But, you can get only the regular cake with regular flavour. Now, the condition has completely changed. There are many options that will help you to find the best lip-smacking cakes.

Additionally, if you have a desire to make your surprise a symbol of your emotions, then personalized cake options are available at Kekmart, such as photo cakes in Lucknow. Yes, you read it right! You can make cakes personalized by getting the photographs of your dear ones printed over it, and this will surely strike the recipient’s heart. So, delight someone you adore with a brilliant idea of customized cake in Lucknow. Commemorate your sweet relationship with the birthday person with a sweet gesture by sending a cake to him/her through birthday cake home delivery in Lucknow. Surprise them with an online cake order in Lucknow with the picture of the recipient. This surprise of yours will make your dear ones feel truly loved and wanted.

Celebrate Every Occasion in Lucknow With Our Unique Cake Gifting Choices

Are you going to become a father? Are you planning to propose to your girlfriend for marriage? Do you get promoted in the office? Well, whatever the reasons are, you need a luscious cake at every moment. Right? Nowadays, cakes have made a permanent place in every celebration, whether it is a family get together or an office party. Cakes can also change the mood of anyone suffering from any kind of issue in their day-to-day life. Everyone has different reasons to take a bite of their favourite cake. If you also need a cake to celebrate a special day with your dear ones in Lucknow, then Kekmart is the only name on which you can rely to order the best quality designer cakes in Lucknow.

On our portal, you will find themed cakes like cartoon cakes, rainbow cakes, PUBG cakes, princess cakes, Barbie cakes, alphabet shaped cakes, number cakes, and many more. The best thing about shopping from our website is that you can also add flowers, gifts, plants, etc. to enhance the charm of your cake order—the different varieties of gifts and flowers that will perfectly go with delectable cakes of different flavors. Also, you can shop combos with Kekmart to pamper your loved ones. Like, a bunch of roses with a delicious chocolate cake, a butterscotch cake with a teddy bear, a bunch of pink roses with a vanilla cake, and so on, all of which are unique and attractive in their own sense. So, when you are blessed with several varieties, you surely know your next step. Click and visit our website and explore different cake varieties so that you can choose the best one for your celebrations.

Moreover, keeping your dreams and desires in mind, we are available to you to serve you the best, even at midnight. We also take care of last-minute rush, that’s why we provide you with the hassle-free service of the same day as well as midnight cake delivery in Lucknow. We try our best to give you the best service of online cake delivery in Lucknow without any delay. 

Kekmart Cake Deliverable Localities in Lucknow

  • Lucknow G.P.O – 226001
  • Lucknow Chowk – 226003
  • Rajendranagar – 226004
  • Alambagh – 226005
  • Mahanagar – 226006
  • New Hyderabad – 226007
  • Manaknagar – 226011
  • L D A Colony – 226012
  • Sgpgi – 226014
  • Cimap – 226015
  • Indira Nagar – 226016
  • Aminabad Park – 226018
  • Industria Area Chinhat – 226019
  • Niralanagar – 226020
  • Vikas Nagar – 226022
  • Manasnagar – 226023
  • Aliganj – 226024
  • Vrinda Van Colony – 226029
  • Jankipuram Extension – 226031
  • Gomti Nagar – 226010
  • Aishbagh – 226004
  • Hazratganj – 226001
  • Qaiserbagh – 226018
  • Rajajipuram – 226017
  • Ashiyana – 226002
  • Lalkuan – 262402
  • Vibhuti Khand – 226010
  • Bhawani Ganj – 272195
  • Ram Nagar – 110051
  • Husainganj – 212651
  • Wazirganj – 226018
  • Charbagh – 226004
  • Talkatora – 110001
  • All other major localities as well

Cake Delivery in Lucknow

Husainganj, Lucknow

Ashiyana, Lucknow

Gomti nagar, Lucknow

Vikas nagar, Lucknow

Cimpa, Lucknow

Mahanagar, Lucknow

Ram nagar, Lucknow

Jankipuram extension, Lucknow

Nirala Nagar,Lucknow

Sgpgi, Lucknow

Alambagh, Lucknow

Talkatora, Lucknow

Bhawaniganj, Lucknow

Qaiserbagh, Lucknow

Vrindavan Colony, Lucknow

Lda Colony, Lucknow

Rajendranagar, Lucknow

Charbagh, Lucknow

Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow

Aliganj, Lucknow

Aminabad Park, Lucknow

Manaknagar, Lucknow

Lucknow Chowk, Lucknow

Wazirganj, Lucknow

Lalkuan, Lucknow

Aishbagh, Lucknow

Manasnagar, Lucknow

Indira Nagar, Lucknow

New Hyderabad, Lucknow

Lucknow GPO

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