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Kekmart offers Online cake delivery in nagpur. Order cake online in nagpur to your loved one for a birthday, anniversary and enjoy same-day delivery and Mid-night cake delivery in nagpur.

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Premium Blackforest

Original price was: ₹787.50.Current price is: ₹470.00.

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Original price was: ₹662.50.Current price is: ₹445.00.

Chocolate Special

Original price was: ₹400.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.

Chocolate Oreo Cake

Original price was: ₹400.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.

Strawberry Delicious

Original price was: ₹530.00.Current price is: ₹395.00.

Mango Birthday Cake

Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹499.00.

Birthday Vanilla Cake

Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹475.00.


No.1 Online Cake Delivery in Nagpur Priced at Rs 349 with 40% Off | Send Cake in Nagpur

Join your Events and Celebrations with Online Cake Delivery in Nagpur. On the day, at a specified time, early in the morning, until 12:00 noon, enjoy the rich taste of a wide variety of cakes. Make your festivals and events wonderful by buying cakes online. Our cake promotion management brings you really close and your loved ones feel so happy and deserving.Order cakes online in Nagpur and have them delivered hassle-free. Order your cake now! You can also download his Kekmart app from play store for online cake delivery in Nagpur. 

How to order cake online at Nagpur? 

In Nagpur it is very convenient to buy cakes from Kekmart which specializes in cake delivery. Just login/register on our website with your email id. Choose from a variety of cake designs and flavors and press the purchase button. Provide the necessary details such as: Delivery address and date and time of delivery.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the same day or a few days later. Your order is at your doorstep. With the advancement of technology, ordering a birthday cake online in Nagpur has become a matter of clicks. Delight your recipients with an attractive cake and make the day unforgettable. A delicious cake can create unforgettable memories for everyone

Now all that’s left to do is surprise your loved ones with a birthday cake sent from Kekmart to Nagpur. Deliver attractive cakes to the recipient’s doorstep within the specified time frame. Order cakes online in Nagpur for hassle-free delivery.

Is the cake you ordered freshly baked?

Yes, we only deliver freshly baked cakes. For example, Nagpur specializes in birthday cake delivery, so if you order a three-layer fondant cake on Wednesday, it will be delivered at 5pm on Thursday. I start baking on Thursday afternoons and make sure my birthday cake is delivered on time, not a minute too early or a minute too late.

also specializes in stunning cakes for any occasion. Our expert bakery team creates stunning designs and flavors that will delight your loved ones and make the occasion even more special.To sweeten the sweet tooth of vegetarian consumers, We offer delivery of egg-free cakes in Nagpur and other cities in India. Order your cake online from Kekmart and you won’t regret ordering from our website. Whether you’re ready to enjoy a

birthday cake or want to send Nagpur a freshly baked birthday cake, simply browse our stunning collection of cakes and choose your favorite. Enter the required data and proceed to checkout. Please feel free to leave it to me. We offer a super fast delivery service to your doorstep.

Why only order from Kekmart?

Kekmart has been in the industry for a long time and has gained expertise and professionalism over the years, understanding customer requirements very quickly. increase.

Our website is a leader and one of the top websites for online shopping for flowers, cakes, custom treats and various Father’s Day gifts. We are completely trustworthy and can even clear your confusion in the comments section where thousands of satisfied customers write positive comments about our quality, taste and fast delivery.etc. We offer countless types of cakes. But it’s not enough to eat cake to celebrate your occasion.Instead, we want to eat the best and delicious cake. Kekmart bakes the best cakes using 100% fresh, high quality ingredients. From red velvet to butterscotch, black forest, vanilla and more. Cakes, half cakes, pull me up cakes, pinata cakes, personalized cakes and more. Make your loved one’s occasion extra special by sending a cake to Nagpur from our best collection. You can choose Nagpur cake delivery and don’t worry about the quality. We assure you that you will be satisfied with the quality cakes at Kekmartin Nagpur. 

Get Online Cake Delivery at Nagpur. 

We are happy to work with you and provide the best service to our customers.

As part of our efficient cake delivery service, we offer same day and late night cake delivery in Nagpur as well as on time delivery. Kekmart delivers to all major cities in India and offers both egg and eggless cakes from 499. The best news that comes with Sweet Tradition is free shipping. Choose from

Nagpur’s range of delicious freshly baked cakes

cakes are perfect for any occasion, from Sunday after dinner desserts to wedding receptions. Cake has been a popular dessert for many years. There are different types of cakes for almost every occasion you can think of. They come in many flavors, sizes and with almost any type of decoration imaginable. Visit our website to browse our healthy categories of cakes, desserts and gifts to find and choose the best! The best bakery you can count on for any occasion. Even your last minute ‘meeting’ will be special as you can order cakes in Nagpur all over the world just by visiting our website. When you order cakes online in Nagpur, we have healthy cakes for you.

Cakes with a healthy twist! Kekmart has a wide selection of popular cakes perfect for any special occasion. These include delicious cakes with a characteristic twist on ancient flavors. In addition to these new types of cakes, we also offer signature classic cakes and desserts. Discover delicious treats such as Ferrero Rocher Cake, KitKat Cake, Chocolate Cake, Fruit Cake, Mango Cake and more. Pineapple Cake, Butterscotch Cake, Black Forest Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Coffee Cake, Vanilla Cake, 5 Star Cake, Designer Cake, Theme Cake, Heart Cake, White Forest Cake, Half Birthday Cake, Poster Cake, Customizable Cups cake set or glass cake

Kekmart Nagpur

Delicious Cakes for Every Occasion Are you excited to order cakes online in Nagpur? Then you’ve come to the right place! Savor delicious desserts that melt in your mouth and envelop your senses. Your search for the perfect and delicious cake ends here. Find the softest, freshest delicacies that will be the talk of your party and get all your guests super excited for your next invite! We have customizable cakes and desserts to suit any occasion .

Is it your sister’s year-end party? Or is it your dad’s birthday party? Whatever the occasion, find the perfect cake for your loved ones and create auspicious memories that strengthen togetherness. Delicious Birthday Cakes, Valentine’s Day Cakes, Ladies’ Day Cakes, Mother’s Day Cakes, Father’s Day Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Theme Party Cakes, Farewell Party Cakes, Promotional Cakes, Raki Cakes, Holy Cakes, Duessel Cakes, New Year’s Eve Cakes, Wedding find the cake Many other types of cakes online in Nagpur. As certain festivals such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day approach, you’re bound to need a cake.

If you’re looking for New Year’s cakes, Valentine’s Day cakes, or Christmas cakes, we’ve got you covered. We have carefully selected different categories so that you can directly choose the perfect cake for your feast. Also, there is no time limit. With flexible delivery options, you can have your cake delivered to your home in Nagpur anytime. Experience stress-free shopping at the push of a button with Nagpur’s versatile cake delivery service! Surprise your loved ones at

Nagpur’s Best Birthday Cakes Getting that special cake for someone is a fun experience.Most birthday party themes revolve around cake decoration, so choosing the right cake is very important. Every birthday celebration and party is the most anticipated event for friends and family.

Nagpur Celebrating the milestone with the best birthday cakes and stellar service is a very important part of creating memories for a lifetime. If you want to surprise your loved ones, use our midnight birthday surprise delivery service. There’s no better time than a birthday party to show your love to your friends and family with this exclusive Kekmart surprise delivery service. A wide variety of delicious cakes to choose from as the clock delivers her at exactly 12:00. Night? Our delivery personnel will come to your door with the most amazing cake to ensure that a midnight birthday cake delivery is a surprise to remember for that special birthday person.

Some of the delicious and popular birthday cakes in Nagpur. 

Please enjoy the piñata cake, which is filling and delicious to the core!

Pull me up Cakes – Send lots of heartfelt birthday wishes to your dear friends, family and even colleagues with these delicious cakes.These cakes are a chocolate oasis for chocolate lovers around the world . There is a clean film around the cake and this cake is topped with a melted chocolate mixture.Gently pull the foil so the melted chocolate frosting squirts out and coats all the layers of the cake. Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime visual enjoyment!

Photo Cake – As mentioned above, photo cake is one of the most popular birthday cakes. The customization options for these cakes are endless. Add quotes, birthday date, birthday girl or girl’s photo for maximum embellishment. Photo of him at Kekmart using cake bases made from the most popular cake flavors including chocolate, vanilla, black forest and red velvet his cakes are like no other.

Fruit cake – delicious and delicious! Cake lovers who love eating natural and healthy fruit-flavored cakes can order the best freshly baked cakes to celebrate birthdays in tropical flavors like pineapple, mango, blackcurrant and strawberry.

Kekmart Most Popular Designer Cakes for Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Party Coming Up? Well, you thought of ordering a regular birthday cake. But what if you find out that Kekmart offers designer birthday cakes for kids with birthday cake delivery right on your doorstep in Nagpur? When your favorite cartoon comes to life, I can’t imagine how happy your child will be.

You can order Minion Cake, Superhero Cake, Car Themed Cake, Disney Themed Cake, Chhota Bheem and Pubg Cake. If your cake is a little princess, look no further than a Barbie-themed cake. You can customize the flavors according to your taste: Chocolate, Black Forest, Caramel, Vanilla, Pineapple, Strawberry. If not, you can celebrate your little munchkin’s birthday with half cake, letter cake, poster cake, photo cake, number cake and custom cake. Spice up your celebrations with

Nagpur’s Kekmart Photo Cake Whether it’s

IPL Fever, World Cup Fever, anime-obsessed kids or anniversary toasts, Kekmart Photo Cake is the ultimate delight. Luscious flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, caramel and black forest are filled with creamy layers to create unforgettable moments.

Available in a variety of designs and shapes, these will help you celebrate your friend’s, father’s, mother’s and father’s birthday. Or you can send your girlfriend Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is a fan of Virat Kohli a photo cake of her favorite flavor. Occasions such as

Anniversaries are widely celebrated with sumptuous anniversary cakes that celebrate melt-in-the-mouth togetherness. In fact, with Kekmart photo cakes, you can congratulate your loved ones, wish the ladies in your life women’s day or mother’s day, father’s day or send warm wishes to your brother with raksha her bandhan her cake can.

In addition to photo cakes, Kekmart also offers delicious poster cakes. Featuring Chota Bheem Cake, Ice Age Cake, Frozen Cake, Minions Cake, Kung Fu Panda, Mickey Mouse Cake, Game of Thrones Cake, PUBG Cake, Avengers Cake, Jungle Book Cake, Superman Cake and more. For anniversary posters and photo cakes, you can even personalize the treats with the name of your special someone or couple. Just a click away

Nagpur Cake Delivery

Nagpur is famous for its festivals and people are always there to celebrate some occasion. And when it comes to cake delivery to all the vibrant and celebratory crowds in Nagpur, Kekmat’s online cake delivery in Nagpur is the icing on the cake. If you want to order a cake, your search ends on the Kekmart website. When it comes to honey dessert flavors, we have the most authentic flavors. Whether it’s a romantic evening near Marina Beach or a family picnic, Kekmart offers cakes of all flavors and sizes.

Order the best and most delicious cakes including Infusion Cake, Rosette Cake, Blueberry Cream Cake, Butterscotch Cake, Chocolate Heart Treats, Double Heart Cake and Heavenly Vanilla Fruit Cake. to access. You just need to click on the website and decide on one of the many types of cakes available.Whether you are in the same city or want to take delivery to Nagpur city from another city, please visit our website can be easily selected using

Kekmart delivers delicious cakes to every corner of the city, so get a cake for every occasion around the city with our same day cake delivery in Nagpur and midnight cake delivery in Nagpur options. So, if you order cake online from Kekmart in Nagpur, you will also get free shipping. What makes

Kekmart, a favorite cake delivery site in Nagpur? The idea of ​​the perfect cake is not only about taste, but also about quality and timely delivery. Kekmart is a well established and best website for cake delivery in Nagpur. Especially as online purchases are gaining momentum and people are starting to value safety and convenience more. Offering more options and cake categories than many online and offline bakeries, Kekmart has become a go-to pastry shop for his cake delivery online in Nagpur.

flavors rule your mind, including chocolate, red velvet, coffee, orange, chocolate truffle, black forest, vanilla, pineapple, and fruit cake. Categories such as photos, posters, heart-shaped, cartoons, multi-levels, themes, and individuals make them more exciting. Celebrate the happiest occasion ever with your loved ones by trusting Kekmart, a Nagpur bakery with midnight and same-day delivery service.

Top Place Where We Deliver Cakes in Nagpur

  • Nagpur GPO – 440001
  • Nagpur City – 440002
  • Ajni – 440003
  • Nagpur Airport – 440005
  • Seminary Hills – 440006
  • Vayusena Nagar – 440007
  • Shankar Nagar – 440010
  • Patwardhan Ground – 440012
  • Katolroad – 440013
  • Jaripatka – 440014
  • Vivekanand Nagar – 440015
  • MIDC Nagpur – 440016
  • Dr.Ambedkar Marg – 440017
  • Mahatma Fule Bazar – 440018
  • C.R.P.F. Nagpur – 440019
  • Neeri – 440020
  • Ranapratap Nagar – 440022
  • Hanuman Nagar – 440024
  • Khamla – 440025
  • Parvati Nagar – 440027
  • Mankapur – 440030
  • Mahal – 440032
  • University Campus – 440033
  • Jaitala – 440036
  • Other Major Localities As Well


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FAQ Related to Cake Delivery in Nagpur

Which is the best Cake shop near me in Nagpur?

Kekmart has an amazing cake shop in Nagpur. The cake shop is known as Kekmart and it delivers fresh and yummy cakes at your doorsteps within 2hrs.

Do you provide fresh cakes to your customers in Nagpur?

Yes, Kekmart provide freshly baked cakes to customers in Nagpur. The cakes are baked immediately after receiving the order.

Do you provide eggless cake delivery in Nagpur?

Yes, we provide eggless cake delivery in Nagpur. Kekmart has a separate category of eggless cakes. You can choose your favorite from the list and place your order

Can I send a message note along with the cake delivery in Nagpur?

Yes, you can send a message note along with the cake delivery in Nagpur. Write your message in the ‘Message Box’ during the checkout process.

Do you make eggless cakes and deliver them in Nagpur?

All our cakes are available in eggless options. You just have to choose the option of “eggless” on the selected product. Our eggless cakes are 100% vegetarian and fresh. You can order eggless cakes in all flavours like red-velvet, pineapple, chocolate, truffle, and more.

How to send cakes to Nagpur, India from Abroad?

Yes, You can send cakes to Nagpur from abroad with the help of our online portal. All you have to do is to visit our website, log in, pick the perfect cake, add the address, and place an order. You can place an order for a delicious cake from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and 70+ Countries. Kekmart has various flavours of cakes and you can easily avail of delivery of all these tempting cakes in Nagpur.

best cake shops in Nagpur?

Kekmart is one the best platform where you can check and order cake from best cake shops in Nagpur.