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Order cake online in Malad and Surprise your Love ones. Kekmart One of the best Platform for online cake delivery in Malad East & Malad West- Affordable, Tastier & Amazing Services.

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Online Cake Delivery in Malad for Special Ocassion- Kekmart

Kekmart – The Best online cake delivery in Malad, offering delicious 100% eggless and fresh cakes to your home .

This online cake sites deals in all types of delicious cakes for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Party Cakes and so on with different flavours like Chocolate, vanilla, blackforest, pineapple, strawberry and so many flavour.

Here is why you need to order cake from cake shop in Malad West, Mumbai.

The best customer service and client happiness is our sole aim and purpose. When you order cake online in Malad West, Mumbai, you will not be disappointed. Besides obviously being extremely yummy and delicious, our cakes are also perfect in terms of texture and color and since they are prepared by the very best of ingredients they are extremely healthy too. Nothing ever goes wrong with cake delivery in Malad West, Mumbai. We have received many great reviews, likes and comments from all of our clientele. Trust us that you will never forget our delicious cakes and our fantastic service.

Get theme cakes and customized cakes when you order cake online in Malad West, Mumbai.

You will be surprised to see a huge variety of theme cakes and customized cakes when you choose from online bakery in Malad West, Mumbai. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivals, special occasions like promotion, farewell and more, we have themed and customized cakes for each and every precious moment of your life. In case you cannot find the kind of cake that you were looking for, you can contact us and we will customize a cake according to your likes and preferences. We are your personal cake haven where any kind of cake you want is available and we deliver. We promise to not disappoint you when you order cake online in Malad West, Mumbai.

Delicious and exotic designer cakes in Malad West, Mumbai can steal the lime light at your party.

Usually the host of the party is in the lime light but designer cakes from cake shop in Malad West, Mumbai can definitely steal the spot light. The cakes look exotic and grand besides being extremely healthy and delicious. Cakes in special designs and patterns can totally light up a party even more. You can even surprise your loved one with a designer cake to make them feel special and happy. In case someone close to you is feeling sad or is unhappy, you can cheer them up with a designer cake in Malad West and have a nice time eating a delicious and awesome cake. There is nothing a good slice of cake cannot solve. You can even find special and exotic birthday cakes in Malad West, Mumbai as well as special and unique anniversary cakes in Malad West, Mumbai to show that special someone your extreme love and care.

Do you want to order eggless cakes? We have it all.

You can find several eggless cakes in Malad West when you order cake from online bakery in Malad West, Mumbai. You can choose the theme, design, flavor and shape of the cake and proceed with your order and select the option of eggless cakes. The cakes in terms of flavor, texture, color, shape, theme and more are exactly the same in both eggless and with eggs cakes. The only difference is the absence of the egg ingredient in the eggless cakes. We promise to deliver completely 100% vegetarian and eggless cakes. Since eggless cakes are prepared separately there is no way that you can get a cake that contains eggs when you have specifically ordered an eggless cake. Cake delivery in Malad West, Mumbai is trust-worthy.

Order Cakes Online in Malad west For a Sweet Surprise

Cake delivery with Kekmart is completely reliable. We are the best online cake delivery in malad and are committed to offering nothing but the best to make your special day memorable by bringing the zeal and happiness together. Enriched with the goodness of love and decorated in unique ways, our cakes are party stoppers. The thing that sets us apart is using the flavors from the fresh fruits. We do not endorse artificial flavor and taste enhancers but use flavors only from the real fruits. Sometimes words are not enough to convey the feelings and require special efforts. Just Bake cakes come to rescue when you are looking for special cakes for your beloveds. Now you can order cake online with Just Bake anytime and give us the privilege to shower the sweetness of baked goodies for your lovelies’ right from the flavors of real fruits.

The basic three flavors of cake that are Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry have never tasted better when you order cake online in Malad East, Mumbai. Even these simple flavors of cakes can be made more amazing with cakes in different shapes, sizes, even with colored frosting and icing. Discover new and exciting varieties of cakes in terms of designs and decorations in just these three flavors alone along with many more when you order cake from cake shop in Malad East, Mumbai.

Enjoy the delicious taste, color and aroma of citrus fruits with cake delivery in Malad East, Mumbai.

Orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime and several other citrus fruits have essential benefits for your overall health. Combined with all other ingredients in a cake, the benefits are further enhanced along with the taste. Order cake online in Malad East, Mumbai and enjoy rich citrus fruits in a new and unique way. These citrus flavored cakes are extremely exquisite and will ensure your summers are perfect and go without a trip to the doctor. Eating a citrus based cake will also keep you from dehydrating and falling ill during the hot and humid summers.

Savory cakes, vegetable based cakes, and cakes that are bitter and not to sweet are becoming more and more popular by the day. After a certain point of time there is always a change in the taste and flavors that people like. People as they grow older tend to eat stuff that is too sweet less and less. Because of this cakes that are not too overly sweet are gaining popularity. Vegetable based cakes such as carrot cakes, pumpkin cakes, beetroot cakes, potato cakes and more are popular cake flavors among older people. You may not like these vegetables but the flavors in a cake must be tried at all costs. Order cake from cake shop in Malad East, Mumbai.

If you cannot survive even a day without several cups of tea and coffee, you need to try the cakes that are tea flavored and coffee flavored. Now, besides just drinking your favorite beverage, you can eat it too. Order cake online in Malad East and fill your day with tea and coffee in both liquid and solid format.

The beauty of frosted cupcakes are surely difficult to match. Just imagine opening a pretty little box and finding an assortment of bright frosted cupcakes, which are all for you, is that not simply the best feeling in the whole wide world? Order cake online in Malad East and dwell in the bright colors and aroma and of course the delicious flavor of frosted cupcakes. You can choose any flavor of cakes and cupcakes and ask for the color of frosting and icing that you would like to have. Too much of anything can be bad but not cakes from cake shop in Malad East, Mumbai. Prepared with the best ingredients in the hands of professional bakers, the cakes are healthy and safe and will only bring you happiness and health.

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Frequently Asked Questions in malad

Can I Customize The Cake As Per My Desire?

yes, you can! You can customize the cake as per your desire. For instance, heart-shaped cakes, tier cakes, and many more options are available.

Can You Deliver A Cake At 12 A.M. In malad?

Yes, we deliver the cake at midnight. And you can also go for the same day or fixed-time cake delivery through us.

Does Kekmart Take Extra Charges On Cake Delivery in Malad?

 No, we don’t take the extra charges on delivery except at midnight timings.

Can I send Christmas cakes to Malad?

Yes, Anyone can send Christmas cakes online to Malad using Kekmart